Who are the Fulani Herdsmen and how is the best way to reach them with the Gospel? Andy's Footsteps Blog

BRANKO BJELAJAC-Burned Churches And Beaten Christians

Branko Bjelajac says persecution against Christians in the Middle East is increasing, but the media is ignoring the story. Andy's Footsteps Blog

JOSEPH-Youth In The Middle East

"Joseph" talks about the importance of reaching youth in the Middle East. Andy's Footsteps Blog

ESTEBAN LARROSA-Suddenly They Disappeared

Esteban Larrosa talks about what happened when many foreign missionaries pulled out of Latin America. Andy's Footsteps Blog

CHUCK BENTLEY-Two Point Six Percent

Chuck Bentley was an average giver until God changed his heart and priorities. Andy's Footsteps Blog


Chuck Bentley says it's a privilege to fund God's work. Andy's Footsteps Blog

CHUCK BENTLEY-A Heart Change For Me

Chuck Bentley talks about how his heart was changed concerning the handling of money. Andy's Footsteps Blog

DAVID CREECH-No Greater Honor

David Creech talks about his transition from secular media to TWR. Andy's Footsteps Blog

ELISA KEEFE-Paying For Others

What are you willing to do so that others may hear the Gospel? Andy's Footsteps Blog

KEVIN WHITE-The Love Of Christ Compels Us

Why does Kevin White take short-term mission teams to India? Andy's Footsteps Blog

KEVIN WHITE-A Village Well

What happens when a village church in India builds a well? Andy's Footsteps Blog

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