A-1 - Encouraged by What You Read?

The Perils of Space Travel

If only space travel were as easy as depicted in Star Wars or Star Trek! Traveling a few thousand times the speed of light onboard the Enterprise or… read more
Jeff Zweerink Science News Weekly Round-Up

Camps across the Border

In the United States, many church youth groups go on retreats and go to Christian camps, but according to Florentin Clipa, he has heard pastors and… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Compelling Love

God’s love is amazing and powerful. It binds up all our emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds. Are you feeling weak today? God’s love… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

The Only Answer for Lithuania

"We know the answer ... for our nation," declares Remis Jucevicius of TWR's national partener in Lithuania. He finishes his thought… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Biblical Love

In society today, we are taught that love is a feeling, measured in extremes. Love is understood as affection or romance—and in order to be… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Freedom from Pessimism

Over the past couple of days, we’ve been learning about overcoming pessimism. The doubting we’ve read about in the apostle Thomas’… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Scientific Discovery & God: Human Exceptionalism, Part 4

Some people think the advance of science continues to remove any reason for believing in God, but in reality scientific discovery over the last… read more
Kenneth R. Samples Science and Faith Building Blocks

Four Questions for Valentines

It was Valentine's Day, "long ago and in a galaxy far away" (actually, I was in college). The day I risked it all to get the girl I… read more
Ron Hutchcraft A Word with You

He Will Heal You

"If you pray to Jesus, He will heal you." That's what a Christian pharmacist in China told a woman who was battling cancer and… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Hope for North Korean Women

Our special guest on today's Footsteps is Inja. She works with TWR Women of Hope in South Korea, but she says "our main audience is North… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

God Is In Control

Everything you and I have, or possess, has been given to us as a direct result of God choosing to do so. There is nothing that you have received that… read more
Dr. Tony Evans The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

Overcoming Pessimism

Yesterday we read that the first step in overcoming pessimism is understanding who you are in Christ Jesus. … read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

More Anthropic Reasons for the Extreme Fine-Tuning of Dark Energy

Years ago, in a paper published in the Astrophysical Journal, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss referred to dark energy as presenting “the… read more
Dr. Hugh Ross Science News Weekly Round-Up

The Problem with Pessimism

Pessimism is a cunning enemy of a growing faith in Christ. One of the reasons it is so sneaky is that there are times when it masquerades as a… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

The Power of Christ

Only Christ’s resurrection power can satisfy our empty hearts. Only His power can defeat our temptations and turn our trials into triumphs.… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

People Still Listen to Radio

While reflecting back to his missionary service in the Dominican Republic, Bill Crandall remembers being encouraged and uplifted by listening to… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

The Detour of Legalism

Do you find yourself constantly troubled by your sin? Have you created lines in the sand, rules that you feel you must follow to be “good… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Reflecting the Character of God

General George Washington issued this order to his troops at Valley Forge: … read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

More Contentment Detours

Today we will consider two more detours to contentment. … read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Electron Transport Chain Protein Complexes Rev Up the Case for a Creator

As a little kid, I spent many a Saturday afternoon “helping” my dad work on our family car. What a clunker. … read more
Dr. Fazale Rana Science News Weekly Round-Up

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