A-1 - Encouraged by What You Read?

Pressures of a Godless Society

Like the church today, the church in Pergamum also endured intense social pressure to walk away from the Truth. On the outside, the church seemed to… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

A Step of Faith

How can you be sure that God is calling you into missionary service? On today's Footsteps, TWR's Doug Gregson puts it this way: "You… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Primate Thanatology and the Case for Human Exceptionalism

I will deliver this people from the power of the grave; … read more
Dr. Fazale Rana Science News Weekly Round-Up

My Tug-O-War With God

A lot of guys introduce their wives as "my better half." My Karen was more than that. I've told many people, "She made my half so… read more
Ron Hutchcraft A Word with You

Beware of Growing Cold

In every age and in every part of the world, the church of Jesus Christ needs a message of conviction, of admonition, and of exhortation. It also… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

In Tears

"She was absolutely in tears to know that Christians care about them that much," TWR's Doug Gregson recalled about his face-to-face… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

What Kind of World Is Needed for Science to Work?

Advancements in science, technology, and medicine over the last century or so have benefitted virtually all people. Scientific progress has… read more
Kenneth R. Samples Science and Faith Building Blocks

Links in a Chain

On today's Footsteps, Jenny Noyes of New Wineskins Missionary Network talks about the big picture of missions. Basically, it's all about the… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

True Security

The prosperity of the 1920s came to an end with the beginning of the Great Depression. The collapsing stock market triggered severe economic decline.… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

I Knew I Was Not Alone

Just before the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River and entered the Promised Land, the Lord told Joshua, "Have I not commanded you? Be… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Don’t Be Discouraged

We live in a world that is not the way God intended it to be when He created it. When sin entered His perfect creation, all of it was subject to its… read more
Dr. Tony Evans The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

General Relativity and Cosmic Creation Pass Another Test, Part 2

In last week’s post, I explained how a team of astronomers comprehensively verified general relativity by achieving unprecedented accuracy in… read more
Dr. Hugh Ross Science News Weekly Round-Up

Our Temporary Abode

In one of the greatest passages written on the subject, the author of Hebrews writes: … read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

God’s Timing

As we choose to place our complete faith and trust in God, we must relinquish our grip on the plans we have made for our lives. … read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

The Final Test of Faith

After 25 years of waiting in faith, Abraham and Sarah finally received the first "star" God promised. Abraham was already 100 years old… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Another Bizarre Exoplanet

What does the discovery of a strange new planet mean? From any perspective, it may mean that the universe continues to surprise us with its variety.… read more
Jeff Zweerink Science News Weekly Round-Up

Children Are a Heritage from the Lord

Some parents who are knee-deep in diapers and family deadlines may wonder if there will ever be a time when they can just relax and enjoy their… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

This Is Family

The Bible often uses familial terms. As believers in Christ, we are "children of God," and we are "brothers" and… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Discovering the Joy of the Lord

When Sarah first heard that she would become pregnant in her old age, the notion was so far-fetched that she couldn't contain her laughter (see… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Today Is the Day

"We ... do what is possible, and we do it in full capacity now! ... So today is the day." declares Stoyko Petkov of Studio 865 in Bulgaria… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

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