I AM the Son of God

Will you believe or pick up stones?

(bulletin here)

Sustainer and Reconciler

(handout here)

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Will you hear and follow?

(bulletin here)

I am the Good Shepherd

Do you know him?

(bulletin here)


Who will you follow?

Text: John 10:1-10

(bulletin here)

I Was Blind - Now I See

Can you recognize a miracle?

(Bulletin here)

I Am The Light of the World

Can you see?

(bulletin here)

Full Humanity in Jesus - Part 1

Who is the perfect human?

(handout here)

First of All

What’s the priority of a healthy church / Christian?

(bulletin here)

Why Christmas Matters

What are you celebrating?

Bulletin here

Serving Together

How do we cooperate in joyful service?

(bulletin here)

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