Christ In Us - John 17

Do you feel fearful and powerless?

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Living from the Resurrection

How to be fully human?

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Peter's Collapse - John 18:1-27

What kind of salvation are you looking for?

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With Me Where I Am - John 17:24

How are we with Jesus?

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Glory - John 17:22-23

Are you glorious?

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That They May Be One - John 17

What sort of unity do we have in Christ?

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Sanctify Them, That They May Be One - John 17:16-23

Are we one?

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Sanctify Them - Part 2 - John 17:16-21

Are you holy?

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Sanctify Them - Hebrews 1:1-3

Are you holy?

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Father, Keep Them - John 17:9-16

Are you well kept?

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The Family of God

What difference does/should it make that the Bible identifies the Church as a family, and not a club or a company?

From the Men's Breakfast series:

One New Man: What it means to be the Body of Christ

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