“Bible Questions and Answers, Part 66”

Even the most seasoned Christians, and certainly new believers, will come across Bible questions they don’t know the answer to. Maybe it’s a theological question like . . . Why does God allow sin? Or it could be a question about current events—or something in the world—and whether a passage in the Bible can help make sense of it all and give direct…read more

“Which Way to Heaven” (#2)

Think about your friends who share different beliefs from yours about God. Maybe they doubt parts of the Bible or maybe you’re the one with the questions. So . . . who gets to go to heaven? Who will know the matchless, eternal blessing that is found only there? Really, the bottom-line question is . . . What is a Christian? John MacArthur helps you nail down that issue as he continues to show you the path to . . . True Happiness. That’s the title of John’s study here on GRACE TO YOU.

“Which Way to Heaven” (#1)

Throughout history, every culture and religion has had its own definition of eternal peace that comes after death. But despite the pretty pictures they paint, those philosophies are, well, empty. So, what makes the Bible’s promise of heaven any different? Find out on GRACE TO YOU as John MacArthur helps you focus on the glorious home God is preparing for believers—and what that can mean to you right now.

“Happiness Is” (#2)

Someone once said, “Happiness is nothing more than good health” . . . “and a poor memory.” Well, that’s one view . . . and ask a hundred other people, and you’ll likely get a hundred more definitions. But there’s only one source of true happiness . . . of deep joy that stays with you no matter the circumstances. On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur shows you how to rest in the spiritual resources God provides . . . and to know the peace that goes beyond your ability to understand —even in tough circumstances.

“Happiness Is” (#1)

You’ve had days when all seemed right with the world —guess we all have. Sadly, they don’t last very long. So . . . doesn’t anything good last forever —is there such a thing as lasting happiness? Discover the life-changing answer . . . on GRACE TO YOU when John MacArthur helps you find it today, launching the series he calls True Happiness.

“Born to Holiness”

The wickedness of man . . . the eternal penalty for sin . . . and salvation in Christ. No doubt you’re familiar with those elements of the gospel message. But what about the issue of regeneration? What exactly does it mean to be regenerated? How does it happen? Why is it necessary? And . . . what’s the connection between being regenerated and benefiting from trials? Those questions are the focus of John MacArthur’s lesson on GRACE TO YOU . . . as he wraps up his timely series . . . Benefiting from Life’s Trials.

“Whose Fault Is Our Temptation” (#2)

The Bible says in this life you will have trouble. But God’s Word also shows you how to know peace and joy—and avoid the temptation to sin—even in your darkest days.You’re not going to want to miss John MacArthur’s lesson on GRACE TO YOU . . . as he continues a tremendously practical study titled . . . Benefiting from Life’s Trials.

“Whose Fault Is Our Temptation” (#1)

You may not think of yourself as much of a fighter—or a fighter at all, of any kind. But man or woman . . . young or old . . . if you’re a Christian, you’re in a continuous battle with an unseen foe. That foe—that enemy—is temptation. Question is, whose fault is temptation? How do you defend against it? And what’s the connection between handling temptation and . . . Benefiting from Life’s Trials? John MacArthur looks at all those questions on the next GRACE TO YOU.

“From Trouble to Triumph, Part 3” (#2)

Maybe you’ve noticed that not long after a trial hits, you find yourself facing a series of related and challenging issues like where to look for a new job . . . how to make room at home for an elderly parent . . . or even life-and-death decisions for a family member in the hospital. When situations like that arise how can you know you’re making the right decisions? John MacArthur points you to biblical answers today on GRACE TO YOU as he continues his study called Benefiting from Life’s Trials.

“From Trouble to Triumph, Part 3” (#1)

When you’re suddenly laid off work, when you get a freighting diagnosis from your doctor, when you lose a loved one, where can you turn for the comfort, stability, and peace you need? On GRACE TO YOU John MacArthur’s going to show you biblical truth can give you strength . . . and even joy . . . no matter the hardship you face. Tune in for John’s current series is titled . . . Benefiting from Life’s Trials.

“The Purpose of Trials”

If God is good and all-powerful—and He is—why do you and I . . . why does anyone . . . suffer? Bottom line, if God really loves you, why does He allow you to go through trials? Well, as John MacArthur will show you on GRACE TO YOU, trials can actually be good for you! That’s right . . . hard times can be a blessing from God. How? Find out as John continues one of his most helpful studies. It’s called . . . Benefiting from Life’s Trials

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