How to Study Scripture, Part 2

Charles Spurgeon put it clearly: “If you wish to know God, you must know His Word. If you wish to perceive His power, you must see how He works by His Word.” Studying Scripture . . . seeing who Jesus is . . . applying what the Bible says about spiritual growth . . . that’s foundational to life as a Christian. So today John MacArthur’s going to help you get more out of your time in God’s Word. He’s answering some of the most common questions people have about studying the Bible. That’s on GRACE TO YOU.

How to Study Scripture, Part 1

You may have just entered the Christian ranks . . . or maybe you’re something of a veteran. But even if you’ve earned a stripe or two, there’s always something you can learn by getting back to the basics. Experience what you might call basic training for the Christian life, on the next GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Why I Love the Church, Part 2

People in churches don’t always act like—well— Christians. So that raises the question . . . Can you follow Christ and not be part of a church? Is that an option? Or if you’re a Christian, does God command you to love the church and commit yourself to one in your community? John MacArthur gives you answers on GRACE TO YOU.

Why I Love the Church, Part 1

If you ask a handful of church leaders why people love being in their congregations, you’d probably hear answers like . . . great music, friendly people, an enjoyable atmosphere. It’s fair to say, those are the main selling points for many churches today. But are those the main reasons to love a local church? Hear more on the next GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Responsibilities of the Church, Preaching, Part 2b

Many churches today focus on building relationships, addressing emotional needs, having a contemporary style. But what is the role of the church . . . and the role of the pastor? How can a church and its pastor make sure they’re honoring the Lord every Sunday? Find out from John MacArthur on GRACE TO YOU.

The Responsibilities of the Church, Preaching, Part 2a

John MacArthur has spent more than five decades teaching the Bible verse-by-verse . . . often for nearly an hour at a time. Clearly, he’s committed to in-depth preaching. But should all pastors still preach like that? Since attention spans have dropped should pastors adapt their messages? Wouldn’t congregations be better served by shorter, more topical sermons? Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Responsibilities of the Church: Preaching, Part 1

We obviously live in a sound-bite society. But should that affect the way churches reach their audiences? What is the pastor’s most important role in the current culture? On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur answers those questions, as he begins a study titled . . . Why Is Preaching Worth Fighting For?

Keeping a Pure Mind

You’d probably never steal a car . . . falsify an insurance claim . . . cheat on your taxes —or your spouse. You might never let a day go by without studying God’s Word. There may be a long—and commendable—list of things you’d never actually do. But what about the things you think about doing? How are you at controlling your thoughts? Hear more on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Memory That Shuns Sin, Part 2b

When you become a Christian, how you talk, think, and even what you do for fun changes. But as you might have found a radical change in your priorities doesn’t happen without a price. You might lose a friendship or two . . . or face rejection because of your new convictions.Yet you can rejoice in that rejection. Frankly, it’s evidence that you’ve taken steps to break sin’s hold on your life.Hear more on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Memory That Shuns Sin, Part 2a

Scripture calls Christians to many things . . . but certainly not to a life of violence. Yet where sin is concerned, you need to do everything possible to destroy its power . . . it’s grip. . . and just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean sin isn’t a threat. So . . . what does it take for you to break free from the sins you do battle with? John MacArthur explains that on GRACE TO YOU.

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