Stent and Bypass Surgery

Modern medicine is pretty amazing sometimes, and nowhere is this more obvious than what doctors can do in and around the human heart. Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum shares some of the many advances taking place in this arena.

Cold Wars

When it's cold and flu season, we don't have to fall victim to each wandering bug or virus. Nutritarian and well-known physician Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains how we can fight back—and win—the cold wars.

Women Healers

Although modern medicine dominates most cultures, there's a revival of traditional, plant-based healing in many countries. This revival is being led mostly by women. Author Holly Bellebuono shares what she discovered while traveling the world.

Selling Sickness

Hospitals are designed to help cure sickness. Unfortunately, some medical facilities are allowing and promoting the very things that are making us sick. Dr. Michael Greger offers insights and suggestions.

Heart of the Woman

Heartwise founder-director Dr. James Marcum identifies unique challenges facing women today when it comes to their hearts. Prevention is key.

Beside the Mountain

A lot has been written about Alzheimer's disease. Stefania Silvestri offers a unique perspective of what happens when dementia strikes, not an elderly person near the end of life, but an individual in the prime of life—her father. The book, "Beside the Mountain” reveals her agonizing journey.

Living in Harmony

Naturopathic doctor Connie Sanchez says that many of today's chronic diseases are the result of living out of harmony with the irrefutable and unchanging laws of nature. Thankfully, there's hope for even the toughest cases.

Atrial Fibrillation

Sometimes the comforting beat, beat, beat of the human heart malfunctions. Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum dissects atrial fibrillation and shares some proven ways to calm the wayward heart.

Nutrition and Cancer

There is a word we hope we never have to hear coming from the lips of our physician. That word is “cancer.” Registered dietician Cameron Wells, provides research-proven guidelines on how to keep that disease–and that word–from entering our lives.

Self Healing Part 2

The human body contains incredible self healing powers. Yet we as a modern society tend to get in the way of that process with everything we eat, drink, or do. Health counselor Dr. David Klein offers insights into how to work with ours bodies, not against them, as we seek healing.

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