Time to Play - Angela Hanscom

“Today it’s rare to find children rolling down grassy hills or climbing trees just for fun. We’ve taken away merry-go-rounds and teeter-totters to keep them safe.” This quote by pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom sets the stage for why teachers and doctors are reporting an alarming increase in sensory and emotional disorders.

Muscle Pain - Dr James Marcum

No one gets up in the morning and says, “I hope I have more pain today. I just can’t get enough of it.” Pain is something we try very hard to avoid. Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, reveals how to protect and heal hurting muscles.

Hidden Myths of Aging - Dr Arlene Taylor

Growing old doesn’t have to be a time of uncertainty if we know truth from error concerning the process. Brain function specialist Dr. Arlene Taylor uncovers seven confusing myths about aging and shares how we can grow old gracefully…and fearlessly.

Smile Safe - Dr Joel Davis

We have 32 of them--give or take--and they’re what make it possible for us to eat solid foods. But teeth are not to be taken for granted. Joel Davis, a dentist in Chattanooga, Tennessee, offers tips to help protect and nurture our teeth so they’ll last as long as we do.

YOGA - Michael Austin

“It’s only exercise. What’s the harm? You’re over-thinking this completely.” Church historian Michael Austin is a firm believer in that text found in Proverbs 16:25 that reads: “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

Abdominal Pain - Dr James Marcum

Abdominal pain is quite common and can—as all pains--become debilitating. Dr. James Marcum, board-certified cardiologist and founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, reveals pathways to help mitigate and prevent the pain we’re in.

Age-Proof Brain - Dr Arlene Taylor

Everyone grows old. But there are things we can do, starting today, to keep our minds and bodies in tip-top running order as the years pile up. Brain function specialist Dr. Arlene Taylor invites us all to “live by design” and age-proof our brains.

Pressing Pause - Karen Ehman

Dedicated parents put their own needs on hold as they work hard to ensure that little Johnny or Trisha are happy and cared for. But there’s a problem—especially for moms. A parent’s need for peace, quiet, and solitude doesn’t just go away. Karen Ehman shares how to “press pause” before it’s too late.

- Nick Evenson & Derek Sharbondy

Some people are satisfied to walk to the store. Our guests today need a bit more of a challenge. They’re both athletes who think that running, bicycling, and swimming long distances—all in the same day—provide just the right amount of exercise and strength training. Nick Evenson of Heartwise Ministries is joined by his friend Derek Sharbondy to talk about the delights and dangers of pushing the human body to the limit.

Mind Control - Michael Austin

At age 59, Michael Austin discovered something that would change his life and set him on a new course. Prior to that, he was heavily involved in meditation and yoga, seemingly harmless pursuits. What he learned has become the cornerstone of his Christian witness. 

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