Astrology to the Savior.

Why would God choose astrologers to reveal His son to the World? Jack begins the book of Matthew on an all new Discipleship Hour!

Sign of the Zodiac.

Is astrology something a Christian should study? There seems to be controversy on the subject. What is the biblical teaching on astrology? You don't want to miss this controversial message!

Irrefutable Proof.

Did you know there is a very symbolic picture of Jesus and why He was baptized in the Jordan River? Join us on an all new Discipleship Hour!

The Devil's workshop.

We're going to be looking at the temptation of Christ by Satan. Why would Jesus allow himself to be tempted in the first place? If you've ever wondered that stay tuned to an all new Discipleship Hour!

The excommunication of God.

Imagine the God of the universe, the author of the scriptures reading to the people in His own synagogue, only to be thrown out. There's a great spiritual truth in the fourth chapter in the book of Matthew. Jack will be delving into the excommunication of God on an all new Discipleship Hour!

The way up is down.

Is the horizon always moving in your pursuit of happiness? Don't miss a compelling Discipleship Hour on the subject of happiness!

The polished mirror.

Many Christians judge instead of love. What did Jesus say about judging others? Don't miss an all new Discipleship Hour!

Dangerous religion.

Can religion be dangerous to your health? Jack will be covering dangerous religion on an all new Discipleship Hour!

The bloody toe.

It's known that there are four gospels in the Bible but did you know there's actually five? Jack explains what the 5th gospel is and it's importance on an all new Discipleship Hour!

And the academy award goes to...

Why do so many Christians have unanswered prayers? Perhaps it's because most of them have yet understand who God truly is. Jack will be tackling this controversial topic on an all new Discipleship Hour!

The successful fool.

There are many Christians wondering why they aren't getting victory in the Christian life. There are two things that can greatly hinder spiritual growth and Jack will be delving into those on an all new Discipleship Hour!

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