Age of accountability.

Where do children go when they die? Jack will be talking about the age of accountability on an all new Discipleship Hour!

To forgive and forget.

Numerous Christians have a problem with letting fully go of some of the sins of their past. And not only could they not let fully go of some of their own past sins, but they also could not let go of some of the sins from others who were very close to them such as their spouses, parents, children, and some of their close personal friends. Jack will be covering the very important solution to forgiving AND forgetting on an all new Discipleship Hour!

Marriage & Divorce.

Many Americans (and Christians) are divorcing today but when does the Bible actually allow for divorce? There seems to be mixed answers on the subject but Jack will attempt to answer this important question on an all new Discipleship Hour!

And the last shall be first.

What did Jesus mean when He said the first will be last and the last will be first? Jack will be answering that and many things besides on an all new Discipleship Hour!

Shutting down the cartel.

Did you when Jesus came to Jerusalem that He encountered a cartel? Jack will be covering what's commonly called "the triumphal return" on an all new Discipleship Hour!

Are you protected?

The nation of Israel had a supernatural hedge of protection around them. Did you know that we as Christians also have that same protection? Jack continues in the book of Matthew on an all new Discipleship Hour!

Accept the invite.

Many in the world think that becoming a Christian is like going to a funeral, taking the joy out of life. But this couldn't be farther from the truth. Did you know that the Bible pictures Christianity as going to a wedding banquet?

What's next?

The disciples asked Jesus what signs would come before His return to earth. Did you know that many believe that the 24th chapter of Matthew has already been fulfilled?

The impending storm.

Secular evolutionists would suppose that the world is improving and that man is evolving into something better. On an all new Discipleship Hour, Jack will be discovering that in fact this is not the case and there is indeed a coming storm. He will also be drawing parallels in the book of Daniel chapter 9 and Revelation chapter 5.

Epic Return.

We've all heard of the story of when God parted the Red Sea to allow His people to pass through but did you know there will be a second deliverance for God's people in the future where Jesus Himself will part a mountain? Jack will be covering Christ's epic return on an all new Discipleship Hour!

Giving Sounds Good

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