SM022 Eng 17. Marks of True Worship

We continue our discussion of the ways Jesus shocks the woman at the well. She can see that He is a prophet, and she asks a theological question. In this session the teacher: - talks about two parts of Christian life; - explains why the woman wants to talk about religious controversies; - unpacks the answer Jesus gives about worship.

SM022 Eng 18. Marks of True Conversion

We come to the place in John 4 where Jesus has revealed to the Samaritan woman who He is. In a very short time He teaches her who she is and who God is. In this session Ronnie Stevens: - talks about an effective evangelistic presentation; - explains the goal of evangelism; - highlights three marks of true conversion; - shares an important principle about harvest.

SM022 Eng 16. The Encounter of Jesus with The Woman at the Well. Living Water

In John 4:10 Jesus begins to speak about living water to the woman at the well. What is her response? Why does she respond in such a way? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - highlights the water motive in the Gospel of John; - compares doing evangelism with teaching a new language; - talks about C.S. Lewis and the importance of asking the right question; - gives an example of how Jesus is greater than Jacob.

SM022 Eng 15. The Encounter of Jesus with The Woman at the Well. Introduction

In John 4 Jesus has an interview with the woman of Samaria. This encounter is important for a number of reasons. In this session the teacher: - talks about the model for evangelism; - provides the historical background to explain the relationship between Samaritans and Jews; - encourages believers to treat unbelievers as human beings who have something to offer; - emphasizes the apologetic value of this encounter.

SM022 Eng 14. How Can a Man Be Born Again?

When Nicodemus stops talking, Jesus goes on. He explains how a person has to be born again before he becomes a candidate to see the Kingdom of God. In this session the teacher: - briefly explains the doctrine of regeneration; - emphasizes how counterintuitive God is when he tells people to look at the serpent in Numbers 21 and when He sends His Son to die for sinners; - talks about life and death.

SM022 Eng 13. The Encounter of Jesus with Nicodemus

In John 3 we read one of the most famous encounters with Jesus in the New Testament. Why is the narrative about Nicodemus so important? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - talks about the interview Jesus has with Nicodemus; - explores key passages about new birth, baptism and salvation; - explains the reasons that divide denominations.

SM022 Eng 12. The Encounter of Jesus with His Neighbors

When Jesus comes to Nazareth, He begins to teach in the synagogue. At first people like Him, then they try to kill Him. In this session Ronnie Stevens talks about the encounter Jesus has with his neighbors and: - explains the difference between patriotism and nationalism; - unpacks Luke 4 and explains why all people in the synagogue are filled with wrath; - highlights a great lesson we can learn about God.

SM022 Eng 11. The Encounter of Jesus with Mary at the Wedding Feast

Sometimes we read what Jesus says and it doesn’t seem to be connected to the context. It's because He knows people's thoughts and responds to them. In this session the teacher: - explores the famous encounter of Mary with Jesus at the wedding feast; - shares the best advice in the history of the world; - talks about prayer and miracles; - encourages us to follow the model of Mary and obey God in the time He disappoints us.

SM022 Eng 10. The Disciples Encounter Jesus. First Followers of Christ

In Luke 5 we come to the Sea of Galilee where so many lessons are taught by Jesus. Why do Peter and others leave the business of fishing and begin to follow Jesus? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - explains the difference between teaching and training; - explores the account of Peter and other fishermen obeying the words of Jesus; - talks about two categories of God's attributes and His vision for us.

SM022 Eng 9. The Disciples Encounter Jesus. Nathanael's Faith

How does Jesus work faith in Nathanael's heart? What verbs constitute the disciples' motto? In this session the teacher explores Nathanael's encounter with Jesus and: - talks about regional prejudices; - highlights the miracle of reading one's mind; - unpacks John 1:50 and emphasizes three key verbs; - uses an illustration about flying in the dark to show how the Bible can help us see in the darkness; - explains the connection between Nathanael and Jacob's ladder.

SM022 Eng 6. The Temptation of Jesus by the Devil

Jesus is baptized in Mathew 3 and he is tempted by the devil in chapter 4. How can we profit from the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness? In this session the teacher investigates an unusual encounter of Jesus and: - talks about the authority of Scripture and the importance of fellowship; - shares his position on whether Jesus could sin; - explains the devil’s tactics in tempting Jesus; - encourages us to be ready to resist the opposition.

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