PT518 Eng 12. Integration Issues in Christian Counseling. Mental Illness in the Church.

Mental illness is not something invented by secular psychiatrists. Rather, it is part and parcel with living in fallen, sinful world. Treating mental illness as purely a spiritual disorder is very hurtful to those who struggle with mental illness because it points them to the wrong solution. In this section of the lecture "Integration Issues in Christian counseling" Lee Eclov reads an e-mail from a young pastor who had the problems with anxiety and invites you to do the case study.

PT518 Eng 43. General Work of Pastoring. Believer's Baptism.

Baptism celebrates the believer’s entrance into Christ’s church. Do the candidates for baptism need a lot of training to be baptized? How should a pastor perform baptism? In this section of the lecture "General Work of Pastoring" Lee Eclov talks about the basic elements of baptism and explains the symbols of baptism.

PT518 Eng 11. Integration Issues in Christian Counseling. What Makes Counseling Christian?

Secular psychology had a way of muddling and contradicting biblical claims about human relationships, mental health, and purpose of life. So what makes counseling Christian? In this section of the lecture "Integration Issues in Christian counseling" Lee Eclov shares a list of characteristics of Christian counseling and answers the question: "Can Christian counselors benefit from secular psychology?".

PT518 Eng 42. Work of Pastoring. Worship service.

What do we need to worship God? What is the job of the pastor in leading people to worship God? What should a prayer focus on? In this section of the lecture "General Work of Pastoring" Lee Eclov talks about basic elements and skills that are traditionally a part of worship services.

PT518 Eng 10. Integration Issues in Christian Counseling. Short History.

With the rise of modern psychology pastors, the only “professional” Christian counselors at the time were confronted with the ideas of these secular ways of describing and treating people’s problems. In this section of the lecture "Integration Issues in Christian counseling" Lee Eclov tells us about different approaches to psychology and counseling in history. Watch this lecture to learn more about Jay Adam's who absolutely opposed to integration with secular psychology.

PT518 Eng 40. Spiritual Warfare in Counseling. Special Conditions Behind Demonic Activity.

Satan may attack a believer in a way no one expects, but usually certain behaviors open people to demonic activity. In this section of a lecture Lee Eclov talks about activities which surrender the mind and other activities that make a person vulnerable to Satan. He shares stories and personal experience about demonic oppression and gives Christian ground rules that will help to take back the ground which Satan has claimed in his life and surrender to Christ.

PT518 Eng 9. The Care & Cure of Souls. Four Traditional Elements of Soul Care. Part 2.

Whatever is good for the soul will naturally be good medicine for body, mind and emotions. In this section of the lecture "The Care &Cure of Souls" Lee Eclov continues to talk about people who just want the problem solved and don't focus on their soul. Watch this video to learn several rules or guidelines which will help to understand the workings of the soul.

PT518 Eng 39. Spiritual Warfare in Counseling. Satan’s Work Against Believers.

What do we know about Satan’s work against believers? In this section of the lecture "Spiritual Warfare in Counseling" Lee Eclov looks at key passages in the Scriptures about the father of lies. Do you want to be prepared to deal with issues of spiritual warfare? Watch this video to find the answers about demonization.

PT518 Eng 7. Biblical Theology for Counseling

One of the features of a good counselor is the understanding of biblical teaching about human beings in their relationship with God. In this lecture Lee Eclov turns to Genesis 3 which provides 'biblical psychopathology' and helps to sort through what is being presented to the counselor as he engages with the counselee. Watch this video to learn about three dynamic processes necessary to the transformation in a person's life.

PT518 Eng 37. Grief

In this lecture Lee Eclov shares several observations about grief. He reads the email of his friend Marilyn, whose husband suddenly died. The grief journey was getting the best of her. She thought that God took her husband's life to humble her. Watch this video to learn what Pastor Lee wrote to her in response.

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