PT211 Eng 28. The Gift of Hospitality

The spiritual gift of hospitality literally means “to welcome strangers”. It's the Holy Spirit working through believers to create settings that promote fellowship and ...

PT211 Eng 38. Tongues and Prophecy

In this session Steve Lake invites you to look at 1 Corinthians 14:1-25 and focus on prophecy and tongues. The teacher will help you unpack some important ...

PT211 Eng 48. Whom Should You Serve?

It is not enough to know your spiritual gift; you should use it everywhere you go. There is a group that God has embedded in your heart and you love to be with ...

PT211 Eng 30. The Gift of Shepherding

Throughout the Bible shepherds illustrate our relationship with God. Shepherds watch over a flock of sheep. They guide them to food and water. When sheep ...

PT211 Eng 43. Ephesians 4:11-13. Equipping Gifts

There are five gifts that we call the equipping gifts. They are given to people who function as co-captains in the church. So who are these people? In this session ...

PT211 Eng 31. The Gift of Giving

The spiritual gift of giving literally means “to share a thing with anyone”. The Holy Spirit works through believers to donate or supply resources to those in need.

PT211 Eng 41. Possible Spiritual Gifts

PT211 Eng 32. The Gift of Helps

The spiritual gift of helps means “to serve in practical ways”. It is the Holy Spirit working through believers to perform necessary tasks that support ministry.

PT211 Eng 29. The Gift of Mercy

The spiritual gift of mercy literally means “to help the afflicted”. The Holy Spirit works through believers to care for the hurting with cheerful acts of compassion.

PT211 Eng 1. Two Callings

Before the foundation of the world God loved you even before He made you. And when He made you He knew that you would have some special assignment ...

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