God of Our Own Making

Who is God to you?

The Resurrection and the Atheist

Let's look at a few facts about the resurrection.

Secrets of a Lasting Love

Harold and Darlene Sala share the secrets to their 58-year marriage.

What Mary and Joseph Knew

Do you trust God even when we can't see Him?

Connecting with God

A reminder to take time daily to refresh your spirit.

Transformed for Good

A reminder to renew your mind and focus daily.

The Relationship Deal Breaker

A reminder that Satan is the father of all lies and deceit.

The Culture of Lies

Does honesty have more to do with ethics or our relationship with God?

The Spirit World

Do you need to beef up your protection from Satan?

How Do You Get to Heaven from Here?

Let's look at how we can get to heaven!

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