The Voice of the Lord

What can you do to hear His voice more clearly?

The Cultural Battle for Your Soul

Isn't the entire history of humanity a story of cultural conflict?

Keep on Going

A reminder to not let life's darkness obscure heaven's light!

God had Planned Something Better

Are you able to accept in faith that God has something better planned for you?

The God of Peace

God loves you! There is peace for those who come to know and love Him.

Sheep and the Shepherd

Let's ponder the parallels between sheep and people and we will quickly discover the importance of knowing our Great Shepherd.

Be an Encourager!

What might happen if every time you met someone--just for one day--you asked yourself, "What can I do to encourage this person?"

Let Us Keep On

It is not the difficult that makes reaching the top meaningful and important!

Handling Life's Challenges

Let's explore the power of collective prayer!

Disaster or Opportunity

Today's commentary reminds us that faith leads to optimism in the darkest disasters because the focus in on the eternal and not the temporary.

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