Distinct in Character

Jesus Christ calls His followers to be distinctly different in our attitudes toward God and others. We're going to discuss this as we study the Beautitudes in our message called: Distinct in Character.

Life Is Better Serving

How does one live in service to a king? While we may not be governed by a king in the United States, as Christians we serve a spiritual king – King Jesus. Let’s talk about how serving Him enhances our lives.

A Deeper Cleansing Is Available

What do you do when you mess up in life? Let’s take a look at an answer to that question in our message from St. John, an eyewitness to Christ.

Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Most people would agree, friendship is an essential blessing of life. If you have many friends, you are most fortunate. Our question for today is this: Is Jesus in your circle of friends? Join us as we discuss its importance.


If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? If so, what would that evidence be? Let’s talk about the unique characteristics of a person who walks authentically as a follower of Jesus Christ.


Have you ever wondered why there is so much evil in this world? If God is in control, why does He allow suffering in the lives of His followers? In today's program, we wrestle with the question “Why?” Please join us.

How the Mighty have Fallen

Did you know that even the strongest Biblical heroes were tempted and had moments of failure? How is it that God desires to use us, even though we face temptations and at times, fall? Listen in to Christian Crusaders to learn how.

Jesus Revealed: He's the one You Need to Listen To!

"I really thought I knew that person!" These words might be spoken after someone has let us down, or perhaps revealed themselves in a wonderful, unexpected way. They could even have been rolling around in the minds of Peter, James and, John when Jesus became transfigured before them. Let's talk more about this event and its implications for our lives.

Distinct in My Approach to Conflict

As Christians living in the twenty-first century, are we obliged to live by the laws of the Old Testament, or are they outdated? People of the first century asked the same question, and we’re going to learn what Jesus told him.

How Do I Get Through It?

It can be difficult to keep going when tough times come our way. The Apostle Paul knew this truth well, and he reflects on those trials as he encourages fellow believers in Christ. If you need strength to keep going each day, our message is especially important for you today!

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