My daughter isn’t acting like a girl.

What does that mean, anyway? My daughters were so different. One was very feminine. The second would rather wear ‘grunge’ looking clothing to school but could rock a prom dress. My third daughter was my athlete, beautiful, flaunted her athleticism. Sweatpants and sweatshirt were her clothing choices at school but loves to dress up. In this culture of gender dysphoria our kids can get to get sucked into an unbiblical view of men and women. This is over-simplistic, I know. Issues involving our psyche are complex. But speaking the truth in compassionate love, prayer, using Scripture and resources like our Keys for Kids Unlocked teen devotional can help our kids navigate these difficult social waters. If we’re not talking about it, how can we possibly help our kids?

I don’t even KNOW my son anymore.

All of us know somebody who’s been affected by drug addiction. Some are good at hiding it. Others aren’t. The deeper they get into it the deeper the problems. Financial issues, physical decline, and deceit are compounded. I know a family where the dad left his wife for the woman supplying his drug habit, hasn’t seen his kids in weeks, and can’t stop lying to his concerned parents. What do we do? As Christian parents all we can do is pray and love. But don’t enable. Sometimes getting arrested can be the best thing that can happen to them. If they’re followers of Christ remember Philippines 1:6 “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.” If they’re not, pray the Holy Spirit works in their heart.

A parent makes a request.

A few weeks ago, somebody asked me to talk about parenting special needs kids. I turned to for a little bit of help—20 things parents of special needs kids need to hear.* Here are the final five. 16. “Don’t let typical parents get you down.” When you hear parents of able-bodied kids making progress and yours aren’t, it’s easy to feel discouraged. 17. “Don’t compare” your kids to others—“your child is unique.” 18. “You don’t have to be” the creative parent. Let others slave over the Christmas cookies for school. 19. “Make time for your marriage.” Some marriages in these situations end in divorce. 20. “Trust your instincts.” Sometimes you know better than the doctors. *This Parent Minute series is based on “20 Things Every Parent of Kids with Special Needs Should Hear” by Dr. Darla Clayton, Psy.D.,

It's amazing how kids talk to adults these days.

Our country's a mess. You've seen it too. I was watching the news a few weeks ago. Young protesters screaming obscenities, disrespecting authority, just rude, obnoxious, and angry. While our kids may not be that bad, I'm seeing more and more Christian young people saying rude and obnoxious things to their parents. Disrespect is almost expected. When we notice our kids heading down this path, a little discipline is needed. Time out, privileges taken away, are just a couple suggestions. Then explain the lesson, sin separates us from the Father, which is why we need Jesus, our Savior. Walking through the Roman's road and reading Ephesians 2 is also appropriate. Then praying that the Holy Spirit will lead our kids to Christ.

Don’t worry, I got this!

Sin. Sin separates us from an intimate relationship with Christ. For those of us who know Christ, sin is something that drives us crazy. Why do we sin? Old nature. Satan uses our weaknesses EVERY TIME to tempt, trick, challenge, and tempt, trick and challenge us again. So many of us think, “I can do this. I can overcome this.” Through the Holy Spirit we can. If Satan knows our weaknesses, what makes us think WE can? As our kids struggle with sin, help THEM understand God gives us power to overcome it, not the other way around. Paul struggled, too. Why do I do what don’t want to do and don’t I do things I should? Then he says “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me?” God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

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