"Shackled Souls: The Devil's Endgame"

Continuing our look at spiritual warfare, Pastor Steve Gaines preaches on "Shackled Souls: The Devil's Endgame" out of Mark 5:1-20. As we look at the story of a demonized man, we see how the devil can try to destroy us and where God can pull us out of destruction. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 3:23 - The condition of shackled souls 19:03 - The compassion of the Savior 26:37 - The change of those set free 31:20 - The commission to those set free #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Christian Warrior"

Pastor Steve Gaines begins a short series on spiritual warfare as he focuses on "The Christian Warrior" out of Ephesians 6:10-18. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 7:05 - Acknowledge the war 17:44 - Access your weapons 34:50 - Attain the win #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"God Will Forgive"

God will forgive you today! That's the message shared by Pastor Steve Gaines during his sermon out of Isaiah 30:18-26. In this message, we will learn how to receive God's forgiveness and the rewards of trusting in Him. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 4:19 - God desires your forgiveness 10:28 - God's conditions for forgiveness 23:21 - God's rewards for forgiveness #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Salvation According to Scripture"

Pastor Steve Gaines speaks on "Salvation According to Scripture" out of Isaiah 30:15. Through this message we will learn the requirements and rewards of salvation according to the Bible. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 3:46 - The river of salvation 8:04 - The requirements for salvation 8:33 - Salvation requires repentance 11:29 - Salvation requires faith 15:30 - The rewards of salvation 15:51 - Salvation gives you rest 18:38 - Salvation gives you strength 24:37 - You can reject salvation #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Are You on Mission with God?" | Dr. Daniel Akin

Dr. Daniel Akin teaches out of 3 John 1-14 on the important question of "Are you on mission with God?" Looking at the examples of Gaius, Diotrephes, and Demetrius, we will learn ten ways to live on mission. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 8:29 - Gaius: A man with the right passions 8:59 - Live spiritually 12:59 - Walk truthfully 14:40 - Serve faithfully 18:07 - Give generously 23:53 - Diotrephes: A man with a harmful agenda 24:10 - Beware of prideful ambition 25:37 - Learn to submit to proper authority 27:43 - Don't lie about others to further your agenda 28:50 - Don't be a bully and mistreat others 30:50 - Demetrius: A man with a good testimony 31:25 - Be a good example 35:03 - Have a good testimony #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis

"Being a Faith-FULL Christian" | Dr. Grant Gaines

Dr. Grant Gaines guest preaches at Bellevue with a sermon titled "Being a Faith-FULL Christian" out of Hebrews 11:1. Looking at what the Bible has to say about faith and the impact it makes on Christians' lives, we see how God has called us to live. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 6:47 - How faith is described 7:18 - Faith is being assured of God's promises for me 10:14 - Faith is being convinced of God's presence with me 19:09 - How faith is demonstrated 25:26 - How faith makes a difference 25:46 - Faith can cause us to experience power 33:09 - Faith can help us endure persecution #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis

"Desperate Faith" | Noah Sidhom

Bellevue Media Pastor Noah Sidhom shares an important word on "Desperate Faith" out of Luke 18:1-8. As we examine the importance of routinely bringing your needs before God, we'll see how God takes care of His children. #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis

"How to Wrestle Well" | Cory O'Hara

Bellevue's middle school pastor, Cory O'Hara, teaches on "How to Wrestle Well" out of Psalm 13. When you are dealing with a trial, how much are you trusting the Lord and thanking Him for what He has given you? #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis

"God's Right Hand" | Daniel Harris

Teaching out of Psalm 63, Bellevue College Pastor Daniel Harris focuses on "God's Right Hand" and how it watches over us. Cross referencing with Isaiah 41:10, we will see the different ways God ministers to us. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 10:53 - God's right hand offers protection 26:55 - God's right hand offers provision 37:03 - God's right hand offers promises #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis

"What's New with You?" | Derek Ewalt

Derek Ewalt guest preaches out of 2 Corinthians 5:12-21 as he asks the question "What's new with you?" If we have been made a new creation in Christ, what does that mean for who we are and how we are to act? 0:00 - Introduction of our text 6:49 - New life 11:11 - New vocabulary 15:02 - New worldview 20:38 - New motivation 22:20 - New family 26:01 - New calling 30:34 - New future 31:10 - New home 33:39 - New inheritance 34:33 - New name #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis

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