"Precious Promises"

Pastor Steve Gaines continues through the book of Isaiah with a message on God's precious promises from Isaiah 43. 0:00 - Roe v. Wade statement and pregnancy resources 7:59 - God will protect you 21:45 - God will pilot you 33:36 - God will pardon you #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Need for Christian Men"

During his Father's Day sermon, Pastor Steve Gaines taught on "The Need for Christian Men." Speaking from 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, he focuses on what makes a Christian man and how we should live as people of God. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 6:11 - A Christian man is watchful 8:06 - Discipline your eyes 9:30 - Live in God's Word 11:51 - Live for Jesus 13:27 - A Christian man is grounded 16:49 - A Christian man is courageous 23:28 - A Christian man is strong 29:07 - A Christian man is loving #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"How to Be Your Best" | Dr. Charles Lowery

Dr. Charles Lowery serves as guest speaker, focusing on a message of "How to Be Your Best." Using the word "best" as an acronym, he shows us how to set ourselves up for success with Biblical support. 0:00 - Introduction 13:03 - Boundaries 17:04 - Enjoy what you have 23:59 - Serve out of who you are and try not to impress people with what you do 33:57 - Tell yourself who you are #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis

"Jesus, the Lord's Servant"

Preaching from Isaiah 42, Pastor Steve Gaines teaches on "Jesus, the Lord's Servant." As we read through the chapter, we will learn how Jesus serves the Father in an effective way capable of offering salvation to all. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 1:47 - Jesus is the Lord's Spirit-filled Servant 6:39 - Jesus is the Lord's simple Servant 11:40 - Jesus is the Lord's saving Servant 19:52 - Jesus is the Lord's superior Servant 23:29 - Jesus is the Lord's successful Servant #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The LORD Reigns!"

Continuing our series in Isaiah, Pastor Steve Gaines shares the good news that "The LORD Reigns!" out of Isaiah 41. God is greater than your past, your sins, and He can conquer His enemies. The God of the Bible is one which sovereignly rules and reigns. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 2:49 - The Lord reigns over history 11:43 - The Lord reigns over idolatry 19:59 - The Lord reigns over His people 30:03 - The Lord reigns over His enemies #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

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