Moment of Truth - John 16:33

Do you feel helpless in a hopeless world? Let Craig Church encourage you taking a moment to listen to him now.

Moment of Truth - Faith

Everyone knows what "faith" is, right? Do you really? It may be different than you realized as you listen to Craig Church explain what faith truly is.

Moment of Truth - Coming Back

Jesus is dead, isn't he? What if you knew he isn't dead and will be coming back? What would you change if you knew that to be true?

Moment of Truth - Romans 1:17

How many good works does it take to get to heaven? How much money do you have to give to get to heaven?

Moment of Truth - John 10:10

Would you describe you life as "abundant"? Would you like to truly do so? in this episode, Craig Church shows the way to have an "Abundant Life".

Moment of Truth - John 8:32

We can do things our way, whenever we want, right? Have you ever wondered how does that line up with truth? Craig Church can help you understand the importance of knowing the correct answer.

The Gospel

You've heard the word, but what is the "Gospel"? Do you know it? Do you know it well enough to share it?

Courageous In Marriage

Immorality abounds in these dark days. What can be done when a God honoring marriage is under attack? Craig Church has words of encouragement for you and your marriage in this short video.

The Thief

Have you ever wondered why in the world you are here? Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Why do you do what you do? What is the goal in your life?

It's Still The Blood - Ephesians 1 Verse 7

Where can you find true peace, hope and salvation? People try some weird things and go to odd places trying to find them. But where can they be found?

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