A Calm Heart in a Troubled World, Day 2 of 5

You can now access news programming 24 hours a day. But just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. In a world where bad news is constantly trying to catch your attention, learn how to focus on the truth...on Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

A Calm Heart in a Troubled World, Day 1 of 5

In the Psalms, we read “do not fret . . . ”  If the Psalmist knew about the credit crunch, a volatile stock market, and subprime mortgages, would he have given us an exception? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth unpacks Psalm 37 and its command, “fret not . . . ” on Revive Our Hearts.

Working for the Lord

Are you happy when you march off to work? Even if it’s just to your laptop by the couch. Dannah Gresh helps to walk us through what God expects of us when we work with our hands and how our toiling brings Him glory on Revive Our Hearts Weekend.

Celebrating 20 Years, Day 5 of 5

Has anyone ever asked you this? “What do you want your life to look like in 10 years?” That’s a question Bob Lepine asks Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth on Revive Our Hearts. Her answer will inspire you to think about your own life.

Celebrating 20 Years, Day 4 of 5

If you’ve ever had to go against the flow and stand up for what you know to be right, you know it can actually be really hard! Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shares how she’s navigated some difficult waters on Revive Our Hearts.

Celebrating 20 Years, Day 3 of 5

Think about this. The way you respond to constructive criticism says more about you than what you SAY you believe. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth reflects back on a time she learned that lesson on Revive Our Hearts.

Celebrating 20 Years, Day 2 of 5

If you’ve ever faced a seemingly impossible task, you probably know what it means to depend on God’s strength on a minute-by-minute basis. That’s something Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth experienced in the early days of Revive Our Hearts.

Celebrating 20 Years, Day 1 of 1

Was it hard for Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth to trust God with her singleness for more than five decades? Find out on Revive Our Hearts.

Back to Church

Why do we need to be in church? Nancy DeMoss Wohlgemuth says that you need the body and the body needs you. Dannah Gresh and others talk about the importance of getting back to church...on Revive Our Hearts Weekend.

Remember Miriam, Day 14 of 14

When people get older, they often resist new ways of doing things.  How can you avoid that resistance?  Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth discusses it, on Revive Our Hearts

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