Heaven Rules, Ep 6 of 16

It’s vital that we ask ourselves, “Where am I taking my cues from? Am I paying more attention to the wisdom of this messed-up world, or the wisdom of God?” Those are some of the questions Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth helps us ponder, on Revive Our Hearts.

Clearing the Conscience

Don’t you love the feeling of a cleaned out junk drawer? What if you could have that feeling about your conscience? Hear about the freedom that comes when you bring everything—your past and your present—into the light…with Dannah Gresh and friends...on Revive Our Hearts Weekend.

Heaven Rules, Ep 5 of 16

How big is your view of God? A well-known book is titled Your God is Too Small. All of us need to adjust our perspective and realize what a great and awesome God we serve. That happened to an ancient Babylonian ruler. Hear the amazing story from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth on Revive Our Hearts.

Heaven Rules, Ep 4 of 16

Promo Pack: If your life were on the line, would you worship a false god rather than the true God? That’s a choice three brave Hebrew young men faced. Abandon their God or die. How would you respond? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth helps us trust God, even when our faith is tested… on Revive Our Hearts.

Heaven Rules, Ep 3 of 16

You don’t have to look very far to see that earthly authorities are flawed. They don’t rule perfectly. Thankfully, we serve a King with a kingdom that is not like the kingdoms of this world. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth explains, on Revive Our Hearts.

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