A Light For The Nations

In the final accounting, does it really matter what you have chosen to believe? In the grand scheme of things, do your actions really carry any weight? Dr. John Akers presents answers to these questions in today's episode of "Understanding God's Word."

When God Seems Deaf

Have you ever been angry at God? Did you become angry enough to demand answers from Him? If you have, know that you are in good company. Dr. John Akers discusses how the prophet Isaiah dealt with just such a situation in today's "Understanding God's Word."

The Reversal of a Fallen World

When we see the awful state of the world, it is tempting to ask "If God is all-powerful, why doesn't He fix this? Why doesn't He intervene?" It is a fair question, and one that Dr. John Akers adresses in today's "Understanding God's Word"

The Reality of a Fallen World

What is it that God wants to do with this fallen world? We know that He has a plan, but why is that plan so hard to see? Dr. John Akers discusses these question in today's installment of "Understanding God's Word."

God's Gracious Invitation

When adversity strikes, we can use it as a tool to bring us closer to God, or we can allow it to push us farther from Him. How can we be sure to make the right decisions in times of trouble? Dr. John Akers works to answer this question in today's "Understanding God's Word"

The Final Sacrifice For Sin

Is God our friend, or our enemy? The answer seems obvious, but how do we know for sure? Dr. John Akers settles this question in today's episode of "Understanding God's Word."

Patience As the Years Go By

If you had to make a list of your least likable personality traits, what would it be? Would it be impatience? Why is impatience so often tough to handle when it comes to waiting for God? In today's episode of "Understanding God's Word", Dr. John Akers addresses idolatry and impatience.

Misplaced Trust

Why are some passages are in the Bible even though they don't seem to have much use for us today? Is idolatry really an issue today? Dr. John Akers addresses these questions and more in today's edition of "Understanding God's Word".

My Servant the Redeemer

Have you ever asked yourself why God doesn't just give up on the human race? He did it once; why not again? Dr. John Akers looks at this question on today's edition of "Understanding God's Word".

God Among the Nations

What do you do when it finally dawns on you that you are in a hopeless situation? Dr. John Akers addresses this in today's continued study in Isaiah on "Understanding God's Word".

When Danger Threatens

Have you ever noticed when facing a major decision that the easiest way forward is the wrong way and the hard way is the right way? Dr. John Akers addresses this in today's edition of "Understanding God's Word".

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