Rejecting God's Word

If the Bible didn't exist, would it change anything about the reality of God? Surely not. If that's the case, is the Bible really essential to our Christianity? In today's lesson in Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers examines that question.

Peace In The Midst Of The Storm

It's easy to maintain our faith when all is well, but it is vital to keep faith when our lives are falling apart. In this episode of Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers describes how God stands with us even in disaster.

My Servant The Redeemer

When we look around this world, and at ourselves, we can see that humanity is indeed fallen. We can recall the story of Noah when God gave up on the world and wiped it out with a massive flood. We don't seem to have improved, so why doesn't he do it again? In today's episode of Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers discusses this question.

When Danger Threatens

In a moment of crisis we sometimes find ourselves frozen by indecision. Fortunately, we have the guidance of the scriptures to help us see the best way forward. Dr. John Akers discusses these important moments in today's lesson of Understanding God's Word.

Pride Comes Before A Fall

Is the whole Bible the word of God, or only part of it? What about the parts that are boring? As Dr. John Akers continues his study of Isaiah on "Understanding God's Word", be prepared to see how relevant the Bible is to life today.

The Price of Misplaced Trust

There is a very important truth behind today's lesson, one found throughout the Bible. Yet is one of the most overlooked truths, much to the dismay of those who fail to heed it. Dr. John Akers shares and expounds on this truth on today's edition of "Understanding God's Word".

Assurance in Times of Crisis

Why should you bother checking out a bunch of dead kings? How can a virgin conceive and bring forth a son? Dr. John Akers brings this study to life as he teaches on Isaiah 7.

Responding to God's Call

What would it take to get us to put God's will ahead of our own? What would it take to get us to be more concerned about others than about ourselves? Dr. John Akers leads a study in Isaiah and shares on these questions in today's edition of "Understanding God's Word".

The Price of Rejection

What happens when someone rejects God? What happens when a nation deliberately goes against God and His will? Does God care? Dr. John Akers answers these questions and more in today's edition of "Understanding God's Word".

God's Measurement of Success

By all earthly measurements, the reign of King Solomon was massively successful. By by God's reckoning, Solomon made some dire missteps. Dr. John Akers will help us examine the difference between earthly and heavenly success in today's episode of Understanding God's Word.

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