Self Absorbed World

It's easy to focus too much on our own well-being and lose track of the world around us. But the Bible encourages us to fight that urge and turn our attention outward towards the well-being of others. In today's Understanding God's Word, Dr. Akers takes us through these instructions set down in the book of Phillipians.

Facing Down Hopelessness

It's fair to say that we have all experienced and will continue to experience times of hopelessness, even when we firmly believe in our salvation through Christ. Hopelessness is just a byproduct of being in the world, but luckily God grants us the tools we need to overcome it. In today's lesson in Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers discusses hopeless times in the life of Paul, and how he overcame them through Christ.

Beyond The Rulebook

What is Christianity beyond a set of rules to live by? Any diet or self-help book can give us that. In today's episode of Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers shows what the Bible brings us beyond rules and regulations.

Waiting For Heaven

If God's ultimate goal is to bring us to heaven to be with Him, then why doesn't He do it immediately? What is the purpose of our continued time here on Earth? In today's episode of Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers leads us in examining this question.

Ladder to God

If we imagine the Christian life as a ladder that takes us from our low human state up to the heights of Godliness, how many rungs do you think that ladder would have? Do you think anyone would really be able to climb it? In today's episode of Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers explores this question.

What God Has Done For Us

In today's episode of Understanding God's Word, we start a new series on the letters of Paul. Before we begin our study, Dr. John Akers provides some context by reminding us of the purpose for which Christ came to earth, has well as how and why that purpose was accomplished.

A Cure Worse Than The Disease

In this episode Dr. John Akers wraps up our study of the historical books of the Bible by looking at the life of the prophet Samuel. In Samuel's story we can see the consequences that occur when we act on a fast and simple solution to a problem instead of waiting for God's answer to our prayers.

Introduction To Ruth

In today's lesson Dr. John Akers takes a look at the first half of the book of Ruth, in which we find not only the story of a Godly woman, but an interesting look into the culture and practices of the era.

I Did It My Way

We’ve been studying a rough time in the history of the people of Israel during this series of Understanding God’s Word, full of chaos, violence, and misdirection. Today Dr. John Akers puts a button on this story by investigating the last few chapters of Ruth, a person who exemplifies steadfastness and faith even in the worst of times.

Introduction To Ruth

Sometimes the bad things that happen to us are really the seeds of something good. The book of Ruth documents such a situation, as Dr. John Akers shows us in today’s episode of Understanding God’s Word.

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