Assurance in Times of Crisis

Why should you bother checking out a bunch of dead kings? How can a virgin conceive and bring forth a son? Dr. John Akers brings this study to life as he teaches on Isaiah 7.

Responding to God's Call

What would it take to get us to put God's will ahead of our own? What would it take to get us to be more concerned about others than about ourselves? Dr. John Akers leads a study in Isaiah and shares on these questions in today's edition of "Understanding God's Word".

The Price of Rejection

What happens when someone rejects God? What happens when a nation deliberately goes against God and His will? Does God care? Dr. John Akers answers these questions and more in today's edition of "Understanding God's Word".

God's Measurement of Success

By all earthly measurements, the reign of King Solomon was massively successful. By by God's reckoning, Solomon made some dire missteps. Dr. John Akers will help us examine the difference between earthly and heavenly success in today's episode of Understanding God's Word.

The Commission

Today in Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers takes us on a tour of the life of King Solomon. Specifically, we will examine the great task that God assigned to Solomon: the building of the temple.

Securing The Future

In our last lesson, we discussed the importance of finishing our journeys well. We looked at the example of King David, and today we observe that David did not just finish well, he laid a good foundation for those who came after him.

Finish Well

King David was without a doubt one of the most godly men in the whole of the bible. His life's journey, although not devoid of missteps, was a great example of a close walk with God. But a great life isn't just about how you live it, it's also about how you end it. In today's Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers examines the final days of King David's life.

Major Crisis

We all face and overcome obstacles of varying sizes every day. But once in a while we come up against major, soul-shaking crises, and our responses to them shape the entirety of our lives. In today's Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers describes a time when David faced such a crisis, and his reaction to it.

Old Tricks For New Times

When we study the Old Testament, one of the first things we may notice is that great biblical figures such as King David face the same spiritual trials and temptations that we do today. This is made particularly clear in our lesson today in Understanding God's Word.

Setting Goals

We know that it is important to set goals for our everyday life. Perhaps your goal is to get a promotion, or to get fit, to write a novel, the important thing is that we find fulfillment by acheiving the goals we set for ourselves. This is also true in our spiritual lives, as Dr. John Akers will discuss in today's Understanding God's Word.

Fulfillment and Faithfulness

One of the defining characteristics that made David such an incredible servant of God was his steadfastness through times of struggle. In today's lesson in Understanding God's Word, Dr. John Akers shows us how we can follow David's example.

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