What Did Jesus Mean? – Part 4

What did Jesus have to say about divorce? How can Christians have the happy marriages they desire?

What Did Jesus Mean? – Part 3

How is it impossible to come to God on your own ideas or terms? What did Jesus mean by "the eye of the needle"?

What Did Jesus Mean? – Part 2

What did Jesus mean when He said He came to not bring peace, but a sword? What is the difference between inner peace and outer peace?

What Did Jesus Mean? – Part 1

What did Jesus mean when He told His disciples to occupy until He comes? What are we to do? What should the imminent return of Christ motivate us to do?

The Third Mark of Discipleship

What three things about spinning tops apply to spinning lives?

The Second Mark of Discipleship

What is the highest expression of love? What does it require? What are wrong ideas of what constitutes Christian love?

The First Mark of Discipleship

What does loyalty to Jesus mean? What does it demand of us who want to be loyal to Jesus? Why did Jesus often use a negative phrase about being His disciple?

Psalms of Deliverance – Part 10

Psalms of Deliverance – Part 9

Psalms of Deliverance – Part 8

Psalms of Deliverance – Part 7

If you have ever been angry at the circumstances of life, this edition is just for you as Dr Michael tells us to chill out.

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