What the Demons Knew

Ron Hughes is leading us through a study of Jesus as He is revealed in the book of Mark. The keeping of the seventh day of the week as holy unto the Lord was critically important to all 1st Century Jews. It was one of the easiest ways to judge if one were serious about keeping the law. The Pharisees were particularly careful about the Sabbath becau

Watch for Him

Truth Glory and Power


Three Responses to Jesus

We don’t have to read far into the accounts of Jesus’ ministry to discover that people responded to Him in very different ways. In the passage we’re going to look at today, we’ll see three distinct responses to Jesus. Ron Hughes has been doing some thinking about these and begins with an overview of the three responses to Jesus.

The Set-Up

Sight for the Blind

Ruth Part 6

Ruth Part 5

Ruth Part 4

Ruth Part 3

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