7.7 billion people in the world, but how did God show His love for that many people?

The Good Shepherd

How's Jesus like a good shepherd?

He Breaks the Chains

Fast asleep in a heavily guarded prison cell, he was suddenly awakened by an ang . . .

The Good News

What is the "Good News" and how does one respond to it?

Stories of Hope

"Stories of Hope" shares some of the many ways God meets people in need and helps them. Such as . . .

Can you Let God Down?

Have you ever wondered if you can let God down, disappointing Him?

The Patience of God

When someone upsets you, do you find yourself getting quickly angry?

We Are Saved

What are you saved from?


When the night seems overwhelming to you, where can you find comfort?

God is my Helper

Do you need help today?

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