Invite God Back into Your Life

Will you invite God back into your life? Do you feel like God has walked out of your life? Do you realize what God wants? Luis Palau answers this question of today's episode of "Reaching Your World with Luis Palau".

Fear of the Lord

Does fear of the Lord motivate you? Do you know what it means to have a proper fear of the Lord? What does it mean? Andrew Palau answers this last question in today's edition of "Reaching Your World".

A Lasting Difference

How is it that self-help philosophies rarely help as promised? What can you do to finally break the bad habits which pull you down? Listen to this edition of "Reaching Your World with Luis Palau" to learn the answer.

Your Future

Are you stressed about your future? What does it hold for you? Does it look bleak? Luis Palau has encouraging news for you in today's edition of "Reaching Your World with Luis Palau".

Evangelism is Social Action

What is the best way to positive social change? Luis Palau asserts it is evangelism? Listen to this edition of "Reaching Your World with Luis Palau" to learn why.


Have you asked someone lately how you can pray for them? In this edition of "Reaching Your World" Luis Palau shares an incredible time when an atheist was open to being prayed for.

Walking by Faith

Since the Bible tells us to walk by faith, is it easy to do so?

The Sincere Hypocrite

What do we give up for Christ to live in us?

Grimly Determined

What do we need to be filled with for our life to have purpose?

Running Away

What happens when we find the joy of our lives lacking? What should we do?

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