John Perkins - Let Justice Roll Down

What does a civil rights activist from years ago have to say to you today? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" John Perkins who has advice for the evangelical church for moving forward. How do you show you are concerned about the needs of those near you?

Jay Kesler - Youth For Christ

"I thought it was unfair. You talked about sinners and I was the only sinner in the room." This statement by Jay Kesler was given during the interview by Denny Milgate which forms today's edition of "A Firsthand Conversation with".

Ken Medema - Come and See

How could music be one of the greatest teaching element the Christian community has ever known? A blind man sees the potential. Ken Medema explains this to Denny Milgate in today's edition of "A Firsthand Conversation with..."

Carl Henry - God, Revelation and Authority

Are we in the "end of all ends"? How much of a thinking person do you hold yourself to be? Carl Henry has something for you to consider which may help you discern where you should place yourself. Denny Milgate interviews his guest, diving into the deep topic of thought.

Walter Albritton - If You Want to Walk on Water

What do you have to do if you want to walk on water? Its been done, but what's required? Today's guest, Walter Albritton, is interviewed by Denny Milgate on "A Firsthand Conversation with".

Cathrine Marshall - The Helper

A very peculiar thing brought about a book idea for Catherine Marshall. What was it that caused her to write a difference making book? She is Denny Milgate's interesting guest for today's edition of "A Firsthand Conversation with".

Merrill Unger - What Demons Can Do to Saints

Are demons real? If they are real, can they do anything to Christians? What can demons to born again Christians? Dr. Merrill Unger is Denny Milgate's guest in this interview.

Dale Evans Rogers - Let Freedom Ring

Hollywood stars have got it made, right? Dale Evans Rogers shatters that thought in today's interview by Denny Milgate. Her words are powerful even today, 42 years later, maybe even more so.

Elisabeth Elliot - The Journals of Jim Elliot

"They were stone-age, naked and they killed people." Why would five men go there? What does the wife of one of them have to say about it? Denny Milgate interviews Elisabeth Elliot, reviewing the murder of her husband and four other men.

Malcolm Muggeridge - Christ and the Media

When's the last time you gave thought to what you watch as to whether or not it is worthy of your valuable and limited time? "Can the medium itself truly convey the truth of the Gospel?" Malcolm Muggeridge gives food for thought in this interview by Denny Milgate.

David Manual - The Light and the Glory

What was Christopher Columbus's real reason to sail west? What happened when an agnostic called on people to pray? David Manual wrote a fascinating book with Peter Marshall and is interviewed by Denny Milgate in this episode.

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