When God Logs In

How did God "connect" with humans, to guide them what to write in the Bible?

The Mystery of Life's Origin

What privilege is reserved for a being with a brain?

A Professor Changes His Mind

Should a professor speak his mind in class? What limits should he have?

Putting the Pieces Together

What makes you so smart? Just some dumb chemistry?

Sand in the Crankcase

Living your life "for best results."

A Life Saving Scientific Discovery

A Nobel scientist's evaluation of evolution.

Science and Only This or That

Can science prove that you love the person you're kissing?

Noah and the Ark

Is Noah's ark a fable, or fact?

Explanations versus Non-Explanations

Is there a "mega-mind" who might be God?

Where Did We Get a Mind and Conscience?

Does your conscience ever bother you? Where did it come from?

What Alfred Wallace Thought about God

Does evolution make atheism credible? Ask Darwin's close friend.

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