Dale Evans Rogers - Let Freedom Ring

Hollywood stars have got it made, right? Dale Evans Rogers shatters that thought in today's interview by Denny Milgate. Her words are powerful even today, 42 years later, maybe even more so.

Jim Dobson - What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women

What are the 10 most common sources of depression in women? How many are related to the breakdown in the relationships between spouses? Dr. James Dobson draws from his vast experience in counseling and is today's guest interviewed by Denny Milgate.

Gordon MacDonald-The Effective Father

What are the biblical principles which help a man become an effective father? Denny Milgate has "a Firsthand Conversation with" Gordon MacDonald on this topic and book.

Tim LaHaye - The Male Temperament

How important is it for a man to be kind to his wife? Tim LaHaye helps men (and women) understand the not only are men complicated and unique, but can be better understood with discerning the tendencies of their particular temperament. Denny Milgate draws out great information from Dr. LaHaye in today's edition.

Ken Taylor - The Living Bible

How did "The Living Bible" come to be? Do you understand the difference between a translation and a paraphrase? How do you help others, and yourself, better understand the Bible? Listen in as Dr. Ken Taylor is interviewed by Denny Milgate.

Roy Hessions - The Calvary Road

What is "revival"? Over 40 years ago, "The Calvary Road" sold over 1 million copies, and still impacts people today. Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Roy Hessions where they discuss revival.

Arthur Miller and Ralph Mattson - The Truth About You

80% of workers are doing jobs which don't match their gifts. Is that including you? Denny Milgate has "a Firsthand Conversation with" Arthur Miller and Ralph Mattson in today's edition.

Jim Downing - Meditation - The Bible Tells You How

Growing while you sleep? Meditation allows that, but how? Denny Milgate has "a Firsthand Conversation with" Jim Downing on meditation.

Dr. Richard Foster - Celebration of Discipline

How much do you know about the importance of Christian disciplines? How important are they? Today, Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Dr. Richard Foster about Dr. Foster's book "Celebration of Discipline".

Dr. Erwin Lutzer - If I Could Change My Mom and Dad

Are your children hurting? How would you know if they were hurting? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Dr. Erwin Lutzer who wrote a book for you and maybe ABOUT YOU in today's edition.

Elizabeth Elliott - Christian Commitment

How can you know God's will for your life? Where does commitment begin? Who is supposed to teach it and build it into people? How should it be taught? What is it? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Elizabeth Elliott in today' airing of an interview which took place decades ago.

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