Ken Taylor - The Living Bible

How did "The Living Bible" come to be? Do you understand the difference between a translation and a paraphrase? How do you help others, and yourself, better understand the Bible? Listen in as Dr. Ken Taylor is interviewed by Denny Milgate.

Charles Colson - Born Again

From the White House to prison, power to captivity to true power, what did Chuck Colson have to say to Denny Milgate that you need to know? What is a "Fellowhip House"? What can you do to further the work?

Dave Howard - Intervarsity Student Fellowship

Have you heard of "Urbana"? Yes, it is a city, but "Urbana" has come to mean far more than that as it has become the name of a huge student missions conference occurring every third year. Thousands have been impacted through the years. How?

Dr. Richard Foster - Celebration of Discipline

How much do you know about the importance of Christian disciplines? How important are they? Today, Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Dr. Richard Foster about Dr. Foster's book "Celebration of Discipline".

R.C. Sproul - In Search of Dignity

Dignity - what is it? Who needs it? The answers may surprise you as Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" R.C. Sproul author of "In Search of Dignity". This interview was recorded decades ago, but is still needed today.

Elizabeth Skoglund - Growing By Rejection

How do you cope with rejection? Rejections happen to each person, so how should you handle it when it happens to you? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Elizabeth Skoglund in today's airing of an interview recorded many years ago.

Gary Friesen - Decision Making and the Will of God

"How can I know God's will?" may be the wrong question. How do you make decisions? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with " Gary Friiesen who wrote "Decision Making and the Will of God".

Elizabeth Elliott - Christian Commitment

How can you know God's will for your life? Where does commitment begin? Who is supposed to teach it and build it into people? How should it be taught? What is it? Denny Milgate has "A Firsthand Conversation with" Elizabeth Elliott in today' airing of an interview which took place decades ago.

Dr. Paul Welter - How To Help a Friend

Why do so many people need counseling these days? Why do people tend to go to friends for help as opposed to a "professional"? How do you help? In this episode, Denny Milgate interviews Dr. Paul Welter providing listeners with ways to help their needy friends, yours included.

Dr. Stuart Briscoe - When the Going Gets Tough

"Have you ever had to whitewash a coal bucket?" How could that possibly be relevant to you today? More than you realize. Listen to Denny Milgate interview Dr. Stuart Briscoe in order to gain knowledge which will improve your response to life's challenges.

Jill Briscoe - How to Fail Successfully

How well do you know God? Is He really sufficient for you and meeting your true needs? How would you know if you always played it safe, never risking anything? Denny Milgate asks Jill Briscoe to discuss this topic with him in this episode.

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