Dr. Richard Strauss - Win the Battle for Your Mind

Are you aware of the battle going on for your mind? Are you helpless to do anything about it? What is the key to winning the battle for your mind? Denny Milgate interviews Dr. Richard Strauss about what you can and should do to win.

Dr. John MacArthur - Worship - The Ultimate Priority - Pt 2

Worship is just done on Sunday, right? Think again! Where does God fit into worship? Denny Milgate continues his interview with Dr. John MacArthur on the topic of worship as to how and why and when.

Dr. John MacArthur - Worship - The Ultimate Priority - Pt 1

Do you get a lot out of your church services? What change desperately needs to take place? What could be wrong? In this edition, Denny Milgate interviews Dr. John MacArthur on the topic of "What is worship?"

Dr Earl Radmacher - You and Your Thoughts

Where does right thinking start? What is the Biblical book of Daniel all about? The answers Dr. Earl Radmacher gives may surprise you. Listen to Denny Milgate interview him in today's episode.

Dr. David Augsburger - Caring Enough to Confront

What does "niceness" mean? What about confrontation: is it ever right? Is there a right way to confront? Denny Milgate's guest today is Dr. David Augsburger whose book, "Caring Enough to Confront" helped millions learn to improve their relationships.

Harold Burchett - People Helping People

Have you noticed that people are needy? Shouldn't someone do something to help them? What might you need to have and to consider in order for you to be that help? Denny Milgate interviews Pastor Harold Burchett on what should be considered in helping the hurting.

Dr. Bruce Narramore on Adolesence

Does God punish His children? Is there a difference between punishment and discipline? How is it going for you in raising teens? Listen in as Denny Milgate interviews Psychologist Dr. Bruce Narramore, providing great insight into the great task of raising teens.

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