Dave Howard - Intervarsity Student Fellowship

Have you heard of "Urbana"? Yes, it is a city, but "Urbana" has come to mean far more than that as it has become the name of a huge student missions conference occurring every third year. Thousands have been impacted through the years. How?

Ken Medema - Come and See

How could music be one of the greatest teaching element the Christian community has ever known? A blind man sees the potential. Ken Medema explains this to Denny Milgate in today's edition of "A Firsthand Conversation with..."

Carl Henry - God, Revelation and Authority

Are we in the "end of all ends"? How much of a thinking person do you hold yourself to be? Carl Henry has something for you to consider which may help you discern where you should place yourself. Denny Milgate interviews his guest, diving into the deep topic of thought.

Dale Evans Rogers - Let Freedom Ring

Hollywood stars have got it made, right? Dale Evans Rogers shatters that thought in today's interview by Denny Milgate. Her words are powerful even today, 42 years later, maybe even more so.

Jim Dobson - Hide or Seek

Like it or not, self esteem has incredible impact on how a child lives. Dr. James Dobson shares what makes him most upset that adults do often. Listen to Denny Milgate draw out Dr. Dobson's insights on child raising.

Tim LaHaye - The Ark on Ararat

What would it do for your Christian faith if the ark were found on Mount Ararat? Dr. Tim LaHaye tells of attempts to find the ark in modern day Turkey as well as reasons to do so in this interview by Denny Milgate. Why is it so important and why is it so difficult?

James Montgomery Boice - The Christ of Christmas

Since Christmas sneaks up on us each year, consider this: "How should a Christian celebrate Christmas?" How intentional are you at Christmas? How should/could you do things differently this year at Christmas? Dr, James Montgomery Boice is Denny Milgate's guest on this program and gives timeless food for thought.

Dr. Paul Welter - How To Help a Friend

Why do so many people need counseling these days? Why do people tend to go to friends for help as opposed to a "professional"? How do you help? In this episode, Denny Milgate interviews Dr. Paul Welter providing listeners with ways to help their needy friends, yours included.

Dr. Stuart Briscoe - When the Going Gets Tough

"Have you ever had to whitewash a coal bucket?" How could that possibly be relevant to you today? More than you realize. Listen to Denny Milgate interview Dr. Stuart Briscoe in order to gain knowledge which will improve your response to life's challenges.

Jill Briscoe - How to Fail Successfully

How well do you know God? Is He really sufficient for you and meeting your true needs? How would you know if you always played it safe, never risking anything? Denny Milgate asks Jill Briscoe to discuss this topic with him in this episode.

Dr. Richard Strauss - Win the Battle for Your Mind

Are you aware of the battle going on for your mind? Are you helpless to do anything about it? What is the key to winning the battle for your mind? Denny Milgate interviews Dr. Richard Strauss about what you can and should do to win.

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