How Much More?

How do you see God? Is He the God of "barely enough" or the God of "More than enough"? Dr. Jeff Schreve shares some thoughts on this in today's edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Are You Rich Toward God?

What happened to the farmer who hit the big time? Jesus shared that man's story. What do your treasure and where is it?

The Love of Money

Do you love money? Are you trusting in money to solve your problems?

Do You Want to Get Rich?

What's wrong with wanting to get rich? Shouldn't you want to get rich?

When Fear Runs Wild

Jereboam was a king who because of fear became the "worst king ever". How can you avoid following his bad example?

What to Do in Tough Times

If tough times are here yet, they will be soon. So what do you do to cope? What should you do to cope? Did you know the "Dread Champion" waits to be of help to you?

The Problem of Fear

Why would God put 265 "Fear Not" statements in the Bible? What are five of the greatest words in the Bible? Dr. Jeff Schreve shares them in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

The Fear Factor

What can you do when fear gets the best of you? Does the Bible have any help for such times? Listen to this edition of "Real Hope Minute" to find out.

Faiithful Wounds

Have you realized yet that you have blind spots in your life? How do you learn of them? How can you deal with them? Dr. Jeff Schreve shares how in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Let God Arise

Who was Andre the Giant? How did he compare to God Who lives inside every Christian?

Remember the Lord and Fight

What do you know about Jesus? What do you remember about Him? What are you doing to learn more about Him? Listen to "Real Hope Minute" to learn more about the One who can help you most.

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