Conditional Promises

What did God promise Jeroboam which He also promises you?

First Things First

Do you struggle with your priorities? Are you trading eternal things on the temporal things which don't really matter?

Got Discipline?

Do you enjoy discipline? How do you make yourself exercise discipline, especially when you don't fully want to? Listen to Dr. Jeff Schreve's advice on this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Heart Problems

How's your heart? Do you have a heart on fire for Jesus?

Scarcity Thinkers

Did you know that many Christians are "Scarcity thinkers"? Are you? Listen to Dr. Jeff Schreve to find out if you are and what to do about it.

Enthusiasm Anyone?

Shouldn't Christians be the most excited and enthusiastic people on earth? What to know how can you be that way? Listen to Dr. Jeff Schreve in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Better Things

Are you experiencing a downward slope in life right now? If you are a follower of God, better things are ahead. How so? Dr. Jeff Schreve explains in today's edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Burning the Wick or the Oil?

What the difference between burning the wick or burning the oil? How can you control which you are really doing?

Life Indeed

What are five steps we can take to get out of depression and have life indeed?

Going Up

Do you feel like you are speeding down the run way of life, but never going up?

The Sweet Sting of Conviction

Can you relate to the deep sting of conviction after you fail Jesus?

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