The Hardest Lesson to Learn

Do you want to know the secret to pleasing God?

The Ghost of Guilt

How do you distinguish between the voice of the devil and the voice of God?

Telling the Truth

Can you imagine going to the doctor for a checkup, and he finds out that you have cancer? He wants you to like him, so he says you are OK. You walk out completely unaware that you are in serious trouble. The devil loves to tell lies, especially about . . .

Rejoicing in Each Day

Have you ever met someone who is a chronic complainer? Nothing ever seems right. Are you a chronic complainer about your life? Regardless of the situation you may be facing today, one thing is for sure: God . . .

Putting Down the Whip

As a young monk, Martin Luther wanted nothing more than to please God. But, like the rest of us, he struggled with . . .

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