Fred De Frain Classic

Fred grew up stealing from his alcoholic father, eventually drinking himself, earning a prison record. He drifts from job to job and place to place, marries and then leaves his wife. He ends up visiting missions everywhere he goes, and God’s Word echoes through his head in his travels. He eventually receives Christ as his Savior, pays back what he stole and preaches to groups about how he came to know freedom through Christ.

Cheryl Boggs Pt 2

Cheryl Boggs was abused and hurt as a child. Can she forgive those who hurt her? Find out on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Cheryl Boggs Pt 1

As a child, Cheryl Boggs was terribly abused. Then, searching for love, she received more abuse and abused others. Find out how this cycle ended on UNSHACKLED!

Dann Slator Pt 2

As a marine, Dann Slator spent time in the brig due to his rebellious ways. Back in the states, he continued to cause trouble. Find out how his trouble ceased on UNSHACKLED!

Dann Slator Pt 1

Dann's mother was abusive, and his father was a drunk. Hear how he found stability, and a love that would not let him go. Listen to this edition of UNSHACKLED!

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