Pablo Montez

Pablo grow up without a father, and turns to crime and drugs to fill the emptiness and pain. Hear how Salvation and rest came to his troubled heart on UNSHACKLED!

Fred Trautner Classic

Abandoned by his father as a child, and left an orphan a few years later, Fred wanders the world. Find out where he finds a home on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Kathy Leslie

Life is a series of disappointments for Kathy. The loss of a father, a tumultuous relationship with a drug addict, and a broken back leads to despair. Find out how she was changed, on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Mickel Millard Pt 2

Hatred and bitterness grows, and leads to more of the same. He was married and divorced four times. Find how Mickel was forgiven and healed on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Mickel Millard

Growing up Mickel endured horrific abuse, and saw his father murder his mother. Could healing come, even in this? Find out what happened on the next UNSHACKLED!

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