TV One Life, Season 5, Episode 23, Guatemala Missions

On this episode, the OLU Crew joins Maximum Missions as they head to Guatemala for two weeks of evangelism, ministry, worship and fun. Come experience the adventure of a lifetime with the Crew!


On this episode, the OLU Crew plans activities with lots of encouragement...or discouragement and discusses how our friends affect us. Also, don’t miss our World Records attempt and a fun comedian interview with Jeff Allen!

Your Future Depends On It

On this episode, the OLU Crew constructs towers out of big blocks and talks about how our future is affected by what we do today. Also, don’t miss our Extremely Safe Stunt to save the baby and a fun band interview with Peabod!

TV One Life 5-15 The Wedding

On this episode, the OLU team participates in a wedding. We also try to break a shaving cream wig world record, and you’ll hear a new TVOL song.

Fan the Flame

The OLU students gather the masses to worship and to sing the fight song. Also, see a special behind the scenes look at Nickel Animation, how Thousand Foot Krutch rocks out, and if you’re at risk for PJSD.

On the Rock

High-heels become the deciding factor on who wins the race on this episode, and Human Tetherball becomes the new safe sport. Relient K rocks out, and QEC sells their refurbished and reused items.


On this episode, the OLU students learn what it means to be humble when they walk into a busy street blind. Falling Up presents the first-ever Zanadoo impersonation, and the mimes hit the streets on Porta-Church.

God's Best

The extremely safe stunt Marble Marathon comes to its close on this episode, and This Beautiful Republic rocks out in their concert. Plus, the OLU students set out to wheel and deal on their new game show, wheelin’ and dealin’.

The Majors

On this episode, the OLU students get people to sing to be on TV, see an interview with Flyleaf, and watch how the ‘80’s are coming back in style with Break Dancing Made Easy. Also, watch how the nativity scene breaks out of the church on porta-church.


The OLU students learn what thankfulness means when they go homeless for two days. Also, Stellar Kart talks about thankfulness during an interview, and QEC will show you how to show your thanks with their greeting cards.


Watch an interview with Superchick and Stanley on Barry King Live. Also, OLU students herd goats, turkeys, and people, with some success. This episode also features the incredible new stunt, tandem bike tree hugging, and the obscure object, cozies.

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