The OLU students talk to people about how they spend their time on this episode, plus witness the first report of Tandem Downhill Skateboarding. A must-see interview with Kutless and Dr. Pepper are also in this episode.


On this episode, llama chasing becomes a new sport, the 80’s come back in style with some extreme exercising, and Family Force 5 rocks out. Also, Eeek! Fashion News talks about a new disturbing fashion trend.


In this episode, you’ll see the OLU students led through obstacles while blindfolded, extreme tire diving, and Barry King Live. Also, don’t miss the incredibly funny interview with Hawk Nelson.

Your Purpose

On this episode, OLU students attract people’s attention and talk to them about their purpose in life. This episode also features an interview with Sanctus Real and Ms. Leo, the psychic.

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