A hummingbird in flight is among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Designed to hover and fly in every direction (including up-side-down), these tiny birds are endowed with aeronautical abilities that have fascinated scientists and school children for centuries. But how are they capable of such unique aerial displays? Their biological wonders …read more

Let The Fire Fall

Every February, a stunning natural phenomenon lights up a granite cliff face in Yosemite Valley. Now known as the “Firefall”, this wondrous display appears for a few minutes on clear nights at sunset during the last two weeks of February. The Yosemite Firefall is the result of a perfect confluence of weather, geography and the position of the sun. It is an unforgettable sight and a brilliant landscape in the gallery of God’s masterpieces.


Few animals in the living world are more intriguing and beloved than elephants. Beyond their size and power, they are endowed with impressive intelligence, memory, and manual dexterity. Their trunks (equipped with more than 40,000 individual muscles) are marvels of biological engineering and the subject of this fascinating short video.

The Shepherd's Psalm

Throughout the Scriptures we discover a beautiful connection between the inspired Word of God and the glorious wonders of His creation. Everyday, God reveals glimpses of His attributes through the things He has made and the spiritual truths He has proclaimed. Perhaps no single passage in the Bible demonstrates this bond more effectively than Psalm 23. This visually stunning short video (photographed in Iceland and the UK) showcases the Lord’s everlasting love, protection and devotion in an unforgettable way.


For all of its power and global scale, it’s possible the largest and most important social media network on our planet isn’t the World Wide Web. Instead, scientists have identified and studied underground communication systems--made of fungi and roots—that enable trees to exchange nutrients, nurture their offspring, transmit warnings, and relay information to their neighbors. These networks (collectively nicknamed the Wood Wide Web) link an estimated 90% of our planet’s vegetation. Explore this incredible phenomenon and marvel at another crucial provision for life on Earth.


Dolphins rank among the most intelligent, elegant and popular animals on earth. There are at least 37 different species, and they thrive in oceans throughout the world. A dolphin’s sophisticated echolocation system enables it to effectively navigate and hunt for food in often dark and murky environments. This remarkable display of biological engineering is explored through high-speed photography and detailed computer animation.


On Christmas day 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched into an orbit that would position it more than a million miles from Earth. It was a banner achievement in the history of astronomy, for this extraordinary instrument – 30 years in the making – is at least 100 times more powerful than any telescope ever constructed. Marvel at the Webb’s early images from deep space—each a new glimpse of God’s incomparable power and creative brilliance.


While under house arrest in 62 AD, the apostle Paul wrote a letter to a church in the Roman colony of Philippi. He was no stranger to adversity. Yet, instead of collapsing under the weight of difficult circumstances, Paul discovered supernatural peace and joy. His inspired words (recorded in Philippians 4: 4-13) come alive in this unforgettable devotional video. It is a message that has never been more relevant.

Archie the Archer Fish


It has been said that “nature is the art of God.” When looking at our planet from 200 miles above its surface, the truth of that observation comes into magnificent focus. This unforgettable video is a celebration of Earth’s natural beauty and the artistry of its Creator—as photographed by the astronauts of the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.

Newton's God

Sir Isaac Newton. The name is on every shortlist of “the greatest scientific minds in history.” By the age of 25, Newton had laid the foundations for his monumental discoveries of the laws of motion, principles of optics and light, and the invention of calculus. More than three centuries later his discoveries still influence our daily lives in countless ways. But Newton’s significance extends beyond the physical realm, for he viewed his work as an extension of his deep, abiding faith in the Creator of the universe. Celebrate this extraordinary life and the bond between science and faith in this memorable short video.

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