Who Is Jesus

The Holy Bible clearly outlines who Jesus Christ is.
Learn how God operates
Hear a very clear scriptural explanation of who Jesus Christ is.

The Psychology of Sin

Holy Ghost

A Message Especially for Virgins

Information for virgins
The value of virginity
The dangers virgins face
The nature of men

Candidate for Baptism

Ministering to the UnSaved.
Critical Elements of the Gospel are discussed.
Criteria for Christian baptism is discussed and clearly defined.

A Prayer Too Late

The urgency of coming to Jesus in a timely manner.
The true account of the man who did not pray in time.
Procrastination can be deadly!

To Sow or Not to Sow

Sow the seeds of the Gospel.
Public ministry.
Christian field work.
The importance of being active for the Lord.
Using available tools to reach the Lost.
A particular passive technique is discussed.

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