To Tithe or Not to Tithe

How are we to give? Is there a specific amount or percent that we have to adhere to? Lonnie Berger talks about tithing to the Lord in today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

Share Your Struggles

In what ways do you show your children your relationship with God? Do you share your struggles? In this edition of "Every Man A Warrior Minute", Lonnie Berger shares how important it is to be honest with our children and show them what it means to go to God in prayer.

Wounds of Your Past

The story of Barry shows how the wounds of our past can daily affect our lives.

The Purpose of Suffering

When we suffer, what's the purpose? Is there one? Lonnie Berger talks about how God works in our lives through trials on today's Every Man a Warrior Minute.

Her Differences are a Gift from God

In what ways are you acknowledging your wife's differences as a gift from God? Lonnie Berger talks about how we our differences should strengthen our marriage, not threaten it.

No One Knows the Future

God is committed to taking care of you, in good times and bad. Lonnie Berger gives a few reminders from scripture about trusting the Lord as we look towards an uncertain future.

Last Words

I'm My Own Man!

You Are the Light of Christ

With times the way they are, how are you making the most of your opportunities to share Christ's love?

Delayed Gratification

What are you willing to do to make the "good life" possible now? Lonnie Berger speaks on the warnings we see in scripture when it comes to borrowing money and going into debt.

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