Honest Feelings

Is everyone really fine when asked how they are doing? How often do you say "I'm fine" when that is not quite true, or not at all true? Dr. Peggy Banks has a great suggestion for you to consider and implement in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope".


Is optimism the same as hope? Interesting question, but are you sure you know if there is any difference and if there is, what is it? Let Dr. Peggy Banks enlighten you today in this short video which reminds you that you are not alone.

God in History

Is God really in control like He is supposed to be? Is there real reason to fear and worry? Dr. Peggy Banks answers these vital and troubling questions in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope".

Intentional Love

What did King David do that was opposite of what people expected a new king to do? Why would Dr. Peggy Banks think you need to think about it? Watch this edition of "1 Minute of Hope" and find out.


"God, please reveal yourself to me today as my refuge, as my shelter, as my help." Why would Dr. Peggy Banks recommend this as a prayer?


What does the Bible say about Christians and trouble? Dr. Peggy Banks shares the truth which Christians can rely upon, fully, in this edition of "One Minute of Hope", reminding you that you are not alone.

Give Hope

You may be hurting, and you know that others are hurting, but did you know that YOU can give hope to others? How? Dr. Peggy Banks, Director of TWR Women of Hope shares how in this video.

Lazarus Part 2

Imagine their surprise to see the dead man walk out after Jesus spoke to him! This same Jesus speaks to you today. What is He saying? Dr. Peggy Banks shares on this in this edition of "1 Minute of Hope" reminding you that "you are not alone".


How do you respond to a crisis? How have you responded to the current pandemic? Contentment is probably not the first word that comes to mind. However . . .

Lazarus - Part 1

How could Jesus, the Son of God, ever understand my grief and sadness? Dr. Peggy Banks shares how in this edition of 1 Minute of Hope, reminding you that you are not alone.


Is there something you've been carrying? The weight of it continues to get heavier as time goes by, but you can’t seem to put it down. Do you feel the heaviness in your shoulders and you’re tired. I want to encourage you to . . .

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