The Gift of Miracles - 10

A special lamb was to be sacrificed so the people would be saved. How is that similar to what Jesus did?

The Gift of Miracles - 9

How did so many die at the same time without there being a visible reason? Why was the blood so important?

The Gift of Miracles - 8

Hundreds of years of slavery was about to come to a dramatic end. How?

The Gift of Miracles - 7

How can highly intelligent people be so foolish as to choose to live in darkness? Why did the first born have to die in the whole land if they did not follow what God said to do?

The Gift of Miracles - 6

Living in darkness makes it hard to see how bad things are, but Jesus, being the light of the world, . . . .

The Gift of Miracles - 5

The deceiver appears as an angel of light, convincing people they don't need Jesus. But are you left alone to figure it out?

The Gift of Miracles - 4

False prophets and false religions abound, so how can you discern which is true?

The Gift of Miracles - 3

How can God use flies?

The Gift of Miracles - 2

Can Satan perform miracles?

The Gift of Miracles

What miracles did God do in calling Moses into service?

Falling Away

Who is the man of sin? Who shall fall away?

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