Called Unto Holiness

If you despise a holy life, who are you really despising: man or God?

Problems in Thessalonica

Troubles arose while Paul was ministering. How did God use this?

A Beautiful Exhortation by Paul

Persecution of new Christians has happened over 2000 years and happens even today. What should we do?

Serving the Living and True God

What is idol worship? How can it take place without the worshiper realize it?

The Work of Faith

Faith. Hope. Love. How and why does Paul constantly relate these three words?

An Introduction to 1 Thessalonians

How did it come about that Paul ever went to Thessalonica? How did he teach so much is such a short time?

The Peace of God

How can the word of God dwell in our hearts richly? What can be done to make it so?

An Introduction to Colossians

What were some of the dangerous heresies which were becoming popular in Colosse in 64AD?

Different Parts of Prayer

You have needs. Sometimes, many needs; overwhelming needs. What should you do about them? What part should they have in your overall prayer time?

Enemies of the Cross of Christ

If our citizenship is in heaven, is it possible that we still could be behaving as an enemy of the cross of Christ? How important is our behavior as Christians? Which kingdom means most to the true believer?

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