The Timing of the Coming Kingdom

Jesus taught us to look forward to His coming and the establishment of His righteous kingdom on earth. At the same time, we should warn unbelievers of the judgment that will accompany His return and urge them to believe in Christ and not make faulty assumptions.

Lessons on Living from a Leper

Gratitude is a mark of a follower of Christ. We should never cease to recall God's past work in our lives, as well as His continuing work, and praise Him for it all.

An Earlier Resurrection

The death of Jesus' friend Lazarus provides an amazing opportunity for the Lord to present the truth of who He is. This truth exposes the hearts of people as they choose to either acknowledge Him as the Son of God or obstinately reject Him in the face of undeniable proof.

When It's Wrong to Forgive Someone

Following the Lord Jesus means directing our lives away from ourselves and toward God and others. Humility, integrity, forgiveness, faithfulness, and selfless service should characterize our lives.

Shocking Truths about Life after Death

Outward circumstances have nothing to do with a person’s eternal destiny. All people must personally respond in faith to the gospel of Christ. That gospel is available to them in the Bible, as we simply present it to them and allow the Word to do its convicting work.

A Case for Divorce and Remarriage

Marriage is not easy. And it becomes extremely difficult when serious sin enters the picture. For believers, is divorce an option; and if so, under what circumstances? We need to look to the Bible for God's instruction concerning this challenging issue.

Principles for Better Money Management

Money is a useful tool, but it can also be a deadly temptation. Jesus teaches us that it is only when we use money wisely as good stewards of God that it produces benefits of eternal value.

Two Prodigal Sons

Only when we see ourselves as sinners can we understand and appreciate God's marvelous grace. And it is in offering grace to others that we demonstrate Godlike character. Jesus' story of two prodigals illustrates these truths.

The Prodigal

Those who seek the "joy" of being free from God end up in the despair of enslavement to sin. Jesus’ powerful parable of the prodigal son reminds us of this truth.

What We'll Know about Earth, When We're in Heaven

Jesus tells two memorable parables to remind us of the love of God for sinners. Do we love people as He does, and do we rejoice in their salvation? Our attitude toward the gracious work God is doing in the lives of other people reveals a lot about us.

Will the Real Disciples Sign Up

Being Jesus' disciple is not a matter of saying the right words but of having the right attitude, perspective, and commitment. And nothing about it is easy!

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