Severe Warnings of Danger

As Paul wraps up his letter to the Romans, he gives us two timely and urgent cautions. We are to watch out for false teachers in our midst who seek to lead us astray, and we are to seek wisdom in what is good and innocence with regard to the evil all around us.

The Roll Call of Heaven

Although the Bible is full of rich doctrine, it is not a theoretical or academic book. Jesus Christ came to save people, and many of them are named in His Word. We can learn many things from reading about these people, most especially that God knows us and treasures us in His Son.

Urgent Prayer Requests from Paul

Paul, the great apostle and missionary for Jesus Christ, keenly recognized his need of prayer and repeatedly implored God's people to pray for him. Today we look at the concerns he shared and the lessons we can take from them.

When Expectations Don't Take Place

The plans and hopes we have for our future may not turn out the way we desired. God is sovereign, and He does not owe us an explanation for what He does. But like the apostle Paul, we can trust Him and know that He will arrange things for His glory and our greatest joy.

Refusing a Place on the Pedestal

The Christian life is a journey. We start at "It's all about me" and head toward "It's all about Jesus." Today we learn from the apostle Paul three ways we can learn to be humble and grow in magnifying Christ in our lives.

Wearing Different Hats of Helpfulness

God gave Paul the work of encouraging, instructing, and preaching and ministering to people. He calls us also--each in various ways--to fulfill the same work among people all around us.

Never Hopeless and Never Helpless

In order to maintain the unity that God wants us to have, we must embrace three things: the Scriptures in their entirety, fellow believers without exception, and our Sovereign Savior, Jesus Christ. In Him we can stand strong together and triumph over our enemy, Satan.

God's Advertising Agency

God wants us to help out those who are weaker in the faith, or struggling. We can best do that by imitating Christ in four key ways: bearing patiently with the weak, acting selflessly, living sacrificially, and taking on the role of a servant.

How to Treat God's Masterpiece

God is making every believer into an eternal masterpiece to reflect His glory. That should lead us to treat one another with even greater care, deference, and devotion than we would give to a prized, but temporary, possession.

The Value of a Good Name

As we consider how to use our liberty in Christ to God's glory, we are helped by dedicating ourselves to the principle of keeping a good reputation before God and man in all we do.

Protecting the Weaker Brother

The Christian life is not primarily about being right on all the issues we face. It is far more about learning to balance our liberty in Christ with love for our brother as we seek to protect one another from spiritual harm.

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