Inheriting our Father's Fortune

As believers in Christ, we are fellow heirs with Him of all God has to offer us. That inheritance means temporary suffering in this world but assurance of eternity in the presence of God in a perfect world.

Led by the Spirit

The work of the indwelling Holy Spirit is essential to a consistent Christian life. He empowers and directs us. We must simply yield to Him as He teaches us through the Bible and energizes our relationship with our heavenly Father.

Friends Forever

What is your mind set upon? What occupies your mind more than anything else? To thoughtfully consider this question is to contemplate your relationship with God and whether you can truly call yourself a friend of God the Holy Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit

Faithfulness in seeking to honor the Lord in the everyday responsibilities of life is the primary measure of a Spirit-led life. Paul introduces us to the concept of walking according to the Spirit as the norm for the Christian.

Every Crime Forgiven

The amazing reality is that, by the grace of God, sinners can stand uncondemned before the holy God. This is not only possible; it is certain for all who trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. That wonderful truth is clearly stated in Romans 8:1.

Putting on the Dog

In Romans 7 the apostle Paul affirms, and illustrates from his own life, that every believer is engaged in a continual, lifelong battle against sin. It is an agonizing struggle, and defeats will be suffered, but ultimate victory is assured through the power of Jesus Christ.

Why the Law of God Matters

As followers of Christ, we are freed from the law. However, the law still serves a purpose. The law does not save anyone; rather, it reveals people's sinfulness so that Christ can save them.

Reproducing Spiritual Life

The Christian life is a growing relationship with the living Lord. As that relationship flourishes, it will naturally produce a Spirit-controlled life that mirrors the character and conduct of Jesus Christ.

Saying "I Do" to Christ

In the opening verses of Romans 7, the apostle Paul explains the great truth that we who are saved through faith are freed from the law and united with Jesus Christ. The result and evidence of this union is a spiritually fruitful life.

The Slavery of Sin

Romans 6:23 is one of the key Bible verses in setting forth the basic gospel message. It informs us of our great problem--sin that leads to eternal death. But it also gives us the solution--the grace of God that freely gives us eternal life.

The Struggle with Sin

We are all slaves to the one we serve. As Christians we are slaves to God. This means we obey Him and lead lives characterized by righteousness.

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