Blooper To Blessing

My intentions were good, but . . .

Danger Of Traditions

I was recently challenged with the thought that our traditions were overshadowing the real meaning of Christmas: . . .

New Things

When God shakes things up, He is waking us up. Being single again, I . . .

Shaken To Awake

I started writing and recording New Beginnings because God shook up my life big time. How did God shake it up?

Out Walking 2

God does lots of business when we’re out walking.

Out Walking

Out walking. There’s nothing like it. A time of reflection if we’re alone. Conversation, usually more insightful if we’re in the company of others.

How Are We Doing?

Do you 1. Choose intentionally. 2. Live boldly. 3. Change positively. 4. Trust biblically?

What Do You See?

What do you see when you see a widow?

Inspiration - Perspiration

In those hallowed moments of inspiration, many of us are prompted to serve God, do good, represent Him in a concrete way in our world. Inspiration is a beginning, but . . .

Sex Trafficking 2

Sex trafficking is in the spotlight. There are no easy answers or simple solutions. Some humans are selfish, self-centered, and evil.

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is finally being addressed. Efforts to inform are a small beginning.

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