Working Hard or Hardly Working

Key Thought: Do your work for Jesus.

Friendship Bracelets

Key Thought: Jesus is the ultimate best friend.

Take It to God

Key Thought: Pray for those who are hurting.

Child of the King (Part 2)

Key Thought: Live a pure life.

Child of the King (Part 1)

Key Thought: God is the King of Kings.

A Complete Picture

Key Thought: Difficulties can bring good.

Pure Technology

Key Thought: Use technology in good ways.

Two Dads

Key Thought: God forgives all sins. Editor's note: This story's subject matter concerns homosexuality, and may not be appropriate for some children.

The Wrong Way

Key Thought: Jesus is the way to Heaven.

Faithful Friend

Key Thought: Jesus' love never fails.

Stinky Sins

Key Thought: Confess sin and be clean.

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