Kids Are Moving Away

Are you an empty-nester, or facing an empty nest soon? How can you make an impact on your kids and grandkids even when they live far away?

Outta Control? It Violates Scripture

Self-control: the battle between what our sin wants and what God wants for our lives. Which side is winning in your life?

Maybe Your Family Sees You as Faithful

Are you faithful to your family? Not just in your relationship with your family, but with God as well.

I'm Not a Parent, But I Love Kids

I have friends and family who don't have kids of their own, but love to help others' kids to grow spiritually.

What's Our Goal as Parents?

Practice kindness with your kids to earn their trust and develop a strong relationship with them.

Are You a Little High-Strung?

Do you struggle with controlling your kids and every aspect of your family's life? It can be exasperating to your children.

It's Time for Devotions!

Struggle to get your kids to do their devotions? Here are some tips.

My Kid is Always in Trouble!

Do you know the difference between punishment and discipline?

Your Kids Don't Want to Go to Church?

Encouraging your kids in creative ways will help motivate them to engage with the Bible!

I Don't Want My Picture Taken!

You're trying to get that perfect family picture, but not all your kids are ready to sit still. How can you get him to obey, even briefly?

Are You a Frustrated Single Parent?

When you're a married parent, you have backup in your spouse. If you're a single parent, find your backup.

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