They Made a Profession of Faith, But...

The goal of each Christian parent is to lead their children to Christ, but if you have a compliant child, they may make just walk through the motions to please you. Let's talk about it.

Sometimes She's So Conceited Even I Don't Like Her

There's a difference between self-confidence and conceit; if your child is conceited, they can be difficult to live with, and it will affect their relationship with Jesus. What can you do? Let's talk about it.

I'm Not Sure I Want My Kids to Go to Christian Camp

You may have heard stories from summer camp, even Christian ones, that make you leery of sending your kids to camp. But there's so much your kids can learn from going to Bible camp! Let's talk about it.

My Kids Are Pooping in the Bathtub!

Let's face it, young kids can't - or won't - always control their bowels in the bathtub. But if they like your reaction, they may do it again to get you to react. The spiritual lesson? Let's talk about it.

I Hope My Kids are Colorblind

Race is a major issue in our world today, and the biggest racial divide happens each week at eleven o'clock on Sunday. What should we teach our kids about race from the Bible? Let's talk about it.

My Son Never Sees the Positive in Anything

Do you have a glass half-empty kid? Are they overly self-deprecating? Teach them their worth in Jesus! Let's talk about it.

My Kids and My Family are My Life

If you compromise your principles for your children's comfort, fill up a busy schedule to the detriment to spiritual instruction, or put your kids before your relationship with your spouse, your kids may be an idol for you! Let's talk about it.

The Stresses and Burdens of Single Parenting are Daunting

If you're a single parent, you know how stressful it is to fulfill every parenting role for your kids. Find support, and lean on God! Let's talk about it.

You Say You're Sorry, Buster!

Do you have a kid that never owns up to the wrong things they've done? You can teach them how by setting an example. Let's talk about it.

Are We Forgetting About Our Teens?

It could be easy to do because they're more independent and may not say much around the family anymore. But don't forget about them! They still need you just as much as when they were younger.

It's Just Not Fair!

Your older kids may expect more privileges that come with their age, and they're frustrated if the youngers receive the same privileges. How should you handle the situation?

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