My Kids Aren't Showing Spiritual Fruit

If you're not sure that your kids are growing in Christ, be sure that you're teaching them to focus on Christ's salvation, not on doing good works.

I Think My Teen Is Trying to Kill Me!

Driver's training - fewer phrases can instill as much fear in a parent than those two words. How can you teach your child to drive without driving both of you up a wall?

How Do I Tell My Kids They Need to Lose Weight?

You know they're not at a healthy weight, but you don't want to push them into an eating disorder. What can you do to help them be healthier?

It's My Dad's Birthday

Happy birthday Dad! He's the kind of father I try to be, and I want to encourage you to be like him too.

It's So Good What You Did for Her

My wife and I adopted our youngest daughter, and she's the one who has blessed us more than the other way around.

How Many Kids Here Are Leaders? Nobody?

What are you and your church doing to raise the next generation of leaders?

I'm Not Sure I Can Ever Forgive What They Did

You've suffered a deep hurt, and now you don't think you can forgive the person. What should you do?

I'm Sorry, I Blew It!

Should you apologize to your kids? Is it a sign of weakness?

I'm Bored!

Road trips. What can you do when you hear "I'm bored!"?

Afterthoughts, They Have It Rough

Do you have a child who thinks they're an oopsie? Teach them and show them that they're loved.

Fighting in Front of Your Kids? That's a No-No!

Give your kids the gift of united parents. They'll exploit your divisions even as they need you to both agree.

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